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Lite and easy meals…

Published July 16, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, hope you’ve all had a nice weekend. I’ve finally had my piano lesson on the weekends with Eugene…being quite rusty since I was down with a cold and had 3 weeks off. Anyways, here’s the lite and easy meals I’ve been having. I have decided to just have lite and easy lunch only as I don’t want to eat too much processed food…

So here’s some food photos..

The beef and polenta bake was really yummy – but a little small for my liking – I had this for lunch..

The porcupines in tomato sauce…now I didn’t know what are porcupines..apparently they are meat balls with rice…I didn’t quite like the taste of it..it kind of reminded me the taste of the meal loaf I had..that strong meat taste…but the mash and vegies were really nice…so looks like I won’t be ordering this one again..

The tasmanian salmon pasta with broccoli was really yummy…the salmon was quite tender and not dry..I thought it was going to be dry…and there were enough sauces to coat the pasta..so it was yummy…definitely would order this one again 🙂

I had the Indian chicken rice for lunch and it was delicious! Very tasty…I love the pea mash as well…must admit most of the curries I had from Lite and easy have been exceptional with lovely spices and things..

The beef korma as predicted was very tasty 🙂 I love their curries and it was served with the potato and peas rice. Would definitely get them again.

So overall, the dinners are going well…I have stopped myself from eating supper but opt for the lighter option of fruits or yogurt or simply going to sleep earlier as well…


Lite and easy meals

Published July 11, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hello Guys, well – good news my cold is getting better…hooray and I will have my piano lesson this saturday – am very rusty at it. Okies, I haven’t lost any weight with lite and easy but the good news is I haven’t gained any weight either. So, Pandabear and I will continue to have lite and easy for at least about a month. He’s actually enjoying the food..and plus I don’t have to cook much 🙂 it’s a win win situation. I’ve stopped my late night snacks as well and since my cold is getting better I will endeavour to hop on my bike soon..

here are the food I’ve been mowing…

The baked potato bolognaise was pretty nice – a little small for my liking…

The spinach and ricotta Tortellini was quite nice – which was a surprise as my thoughts on frozen pastas would be chewy..but it was really soft – nice flavouring and it did fill me up for dinner so would definitely consider ordering this again.

Chicken and vegetable risotto was ok – tasted like porridge to me and it was ok for lunch I suppose even though it really didn’t fill me up. Fortunately it came with a little fruit muffin..

The chicken tikka masala was delicious – I love all the curries from Lite and easy – they have good flavours and it usually get served with yellow rice or nice curry vegies which is rather yummy. I would recommend their curry range…it did fill me up for dinner..

The cottage pie as expected very tasty and filling – I would recommend it..their lasagne and fish pie are always a winner.

So overall, most of the dinner meals are rather nice. I haven’t had any off food as yet. The food seemed to be quite fresh – in terms of the fresh produce – fruits and salads. So yeah quite happy with it. I’m now down to lunch and dinner which cost me just under $100 for 5 days. That’s not too bad 🙂

Lite and easy – Day 1

Published June 15, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, hope this post finds you all well. Finally it’s Friday…yay 🙂 This week has been a long week. I’ve been feeling really tired this week – my braces have been hurting I’m not sure whether if it’s due to the cold weather that’s causing my wires to retract or perhaps the braces is doing it’s thing by shifting my teeth – what ever it is it’s painful! 😦

Last night Pandabear told me that our lite and easy meals will be arriving – yay 🙂 time to lose some weight, take a break from cooking and no need to worry about dishes at night.. Last night it was pouring like crazy and the instructions was to leave it outside our alfresco area. When I got home from work I found two large esky boxes – I was like wow that’s alot of food. They were kept in dry ice and was still frozen when I got home. After reading several Lite and easy reviews online, I have decided to check every single order to make sure nothing was missing and nothing was expired or rotten (especially the fruits) – all seemed to be ok so far.

I like how everything is well organised – neatly packed into individual bags and labelled clearly with Day 1 Breakfast, Day 1 – Lunch, Day 1 Dinner etc…so I decided to clear the shelves within my fridge and freezer and make room for these frozen/fridge meals..

They gave us a menu which consist of 4 week rotation of different variety of food that you can choose from and a little flyer that says you get a $20 voucher from Myers if you refer a friend to the program..hehehehe

Okies, so Day 1 breakfast this morning – it was toasted fruit muffins with spread and fruit muesli. My fruit muffin was frozen so I had to defrost it in the microwave first and then toast it in my toaster – tasted ok, but generally I’m not a fruit muffin person – it was either fruit muffin or cereals – I don’t like cereals so it’s fruit muffin! I ran out of time for the fruit muesli so I’m keeping it for morning tea which I’m sure I’ll get hungry soon since it was a small muffin…

Last night I still cooked our dinner cos I wanted to start lite and easy with brekkie first. I made what ever it was left in our fridge – Japanese tofu omellete and spam & potato stir fry it was very yummy – probably not very healthy…Anyways, will let you guys know how I go with lunch 🙂

till then, look after yourselves…



Weight Loss Journey – Bye Bye Jenny Craig I won’t miss you…

Published December 18, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, sorry been out of action lately. I’ve gone back to working full-time this week and so to rest my dodgy right wrist I’ve decided not to work on my blog at home. I’m going back home for Christmas this coming Monday which means I’ll be out of action for 2 weeks till the new year.

Anyways, this week I had my final consultation with JC and I was really nervous as I wanted to break the news to them that I aint coming back anymore. After 3 months of eating JC meals, I’ve finally had enough!! Though I must admit initially I was really impressed with the frozen meals – they were really tasty and their snacks are pretty good too. But like any good things, they will come to an end soon. For me, the weight isn’t shedding off as much, I’m still hovering around the same weight mark and are really getting sick of the frozen meals – as they do repeat after week 4. So, since my membership trial $10 for 10kg membership for 3 months is coming to an end. It was a perfect timing for me to tell them that I don’t want to continue anymore. Well, when I arrived at JC for my weekly consultation I went really late around 6.20pm which means I’ve had my dinner already which means I should put on a little more weight.

My consultant was meant to be Sarah but she was really busy with the previous client so I ended up with my initial consultant Corinna 🙂 I love Corinna she’s always been so supportive…she asked me how was my week and I said it was ok. I managed to ate most of the meals but didn’t hit the gym at all my excuse was I had ‘the time of the month’. Anyways, I hopped on the scale and surprisingly I did lose about 300g consider I had ate my dinner so really I might have actually lost 0.5kg. So she was very proud of me. But I had to break the news to her that after 3 months worth of frozen meals, I’ve decided to go back to my normal food as January will be my last month in Melbourne and I really want to explore all the good restaurants that I have missed while I was staying in Melbourne. She said “that’s fine, yeah if it was me I would have been sick of it too” (she whispered) as I don’t think she’s meant to agree with me. She gave me a warm smile and said “you’ve done really well, consider you’ve been doing it for a short time and you still managed to lose some weight” I thank her for all her support and said well, I might return back to JC one day. She replied with her great smile “yeah we’ll have your files and will welcome you back anytime” She didn’t convinced me to stay and was still so nice to me. It made my decision to leave JC alot easier. So I went to the counter and paid for the remainder of this week’s meal. This week will be my last week for JC 🙂

In Summary, I have been keeping a record of how much it has cost me to buy the JC meals and the final weight loss for the 3 months was 7.5kg 🙂 even though I have not made it to my half weight loss mark, I’m still very proud of myself.

Here’s a glimpse of the costings:

22/09/10 $152.90 week 1
29/09/10 111.65 week 2
6/10/10 136.55 week 3
22/10/10 143.3 week 4
29/10/10 99.4 week 5
4/11/10 83 week 6
10/11/10 142.3 week 7
17/11/10 131.9 week 8
24/11/10 90.15 week 9
1/12/10 68.15 week 10
7/12/10 111.75 week 11
15/12/10 77.6 week 12

Total cost for 3 months = $1,348.65
Average weekly cost = $112.39

Seriously, it isn’t too bad – for some weeks my meal costs are quite low – I’ve been eating out a lot more hence there was a back log of frozen meals. But average costing per week ended up less than $150 which is great!

Here’s my pros and cons of joining JC:

1. Easy to follow meal rosters – didn’t have to think what you need to eat each day – very convenient. Brekkie, snacks, lunch and dinner all planned out for you. Save cooking time and preparation time
2. If you end up eating out on a particular day, when it comes to your weekly consultation you can let them know to take out the meal on the list as you have a spare one at home
3. If you don’t like a particular meal you can swap it with another one (as long as the calorie count is similar – they will let you know)
4. weekly consultation and weighing – you are accountable to someone on a weekly basis and the consultants will weigh you and go through how you can improve for the next week. A great support as you don’t feel as if though you’re doing this alone
5. Membership trial 10kg for $10 was a great deal for 3 months
6. If you are on holidays for a few weeks, you can let them know and they will let you have a few weeks break
7. The frozen meals are actually quite tasty and surprisingly full. They are well portioned which teaches you to eat regularly and make sure you have regular meals which are small portioned.

1. Once you’ve had a few frozen meals for at least a month, you start to get sick of it as after week 4 it goes back to week 1 menu and they just rotates around
2. Cost wise – it’s a little on the expensive side, they do provide you with itemised invoice showing how much each food item cost and they are a little on the expensive side. If you pay for the regular membership fee it will cost around few hundred dollars plus you need to pay for the meals as well.
3. The weight loss progress is a little slow, you will find at first there’s not much progress as your weight adjust to a ‘food shock’ to your system. Your weight will fluctuate from losing 1kg one week and then gaining that back and then losing 1.5kg the next week. So it’s not really a quick weight loss program but rather a slow weight loss program
4. Not sure how healthy it is to live on frozen and microwave meals but they do recommend fresh fruits and salads with their meals along with a multivitamin supplements they provide
5. On top of the membership cost and meal cost you’ve also got to buy your own fresh vegies, fruits, yogurt and milk so really there’s still some grocery cost involved as well which can be a pain sometimes.

So as you can see there’s definitely more pros than cons of joining JC, and now that I’ve been through it what I’ve learnt is I need to regularly eat throughout the day (healthy snacks ofcourse) otherwise my body goes into this hunger or starvation mode and I end up eating 3 supersize meals as suppose to 6 small meals. When I eat out I would automatically try to order healthier options as the JC program is rather expensive, it will make me think twice whether I should have a large fried rice as suppose to having a small serve of fried rice and lots of vegies with it. It was also a challenge for me in terms of eating JC meals and preparing normal meals for Pandabear and I’ve so proud that I’ve finally learnt how to ‘not waste food’ buy over buying things. I even typed up a stock take of what I have in my pantry and fridge to monitor my spendings.

Here’s some meals I’ve been eating…

So it’s been a pleasant journey going through JC and looking back it was well worth it 🙂 Now it’s coming to an end it will be a challenge for me to see whether I can maintain my current weight or lose more weight and not pig out!

Weight Loss Journey – The temptations of eating out!!!

Published December 11, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, sorry haven’t been posting lately been trying to adjust going back to work and recover from a week’s visit from my mummy and little sister. So yes, it’s time to catch up on my post. Well, as you guys know that I’m a foodie so when I was told that my mummy and little sister will be visiting me for a week, I’ve already planned in advance to take them out to certain restaurants to eat. Pandabear has provided me with a suggestion that since we’ll be out about during day time I should really still stick to coming home for dinner that way I can have some JC meals for dinner. As he knows me well, I will definitely pig out when I eat out he recommended me buying lunch size JC meals and have that for my dinner. Sounds fair 🙂 So did it go according to plan? Nope, cos we ended up eating out for dinner most of the time anyways :-O

So it was time for my weighing with JC and I was pretty sure I would have gained back at least 1-2kgs. So when I hopped onto the scale to my surprise it was only 1kg. Phew…not too bad and I was left with lots of JC meals so didn’t have to spend lots of money buying the next lot of food so it was a win win situation. Now that my mummy and little sister have returned back home, I have no excuses but to stick to JC meals again…so here’s some of the JC meals I’ve been eating lately…

So, after having most of the JC meals I’ve ended up with the same weight – I think my body went for an extreme shock when I returned back to the huge portions and oily food of eating out and now that I’ve suddenly changed back to smaller portions of JC meals it’s decided to remain the same weight. I think I’m at this point that I’m struggling with losing 3kgs so that I could reach my weight loss 1/2 way mark. I’m hoping that with last week of two of JC will help me achieve that. As my membership is expiring around 21st Dec it’s perfect timing as I will be returning back home for Christmas after that time for 2 weeks so it’ll be interesting to find out how much weight I would have put on. As I’ve only got one month of stay left in Melbourne (January) I really wanted to eat out and try out as many restaurants as possible and it will be time that I learn to control what I order and the portion size and to stop eating when I’m already full. Also, I’m starting to get bored of JC meals now as they only supply you 4 weeks worth of meals after the 4th week you go back to week 1 and it just keeps rotating…

It has been a great learning experience with JC and looking back now I’ve learnt to eat healthier food and to make sure I don’t let myself go into the starving mode and ended up eating large portion of meals cos I’m hungry and to do that I made sure I have regular healthy snacks throughout the day. Even though I have not reached my full weight loss goal, at least I’m 1/2 way there 🙂 so I shall let you know how I go with my last week and two with JC.

Weight Loss Journey – Why isn’t it paying off?!?

Published November 17, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, sorry I haven’t been posting…some things have happened within a span of week. First my RSI is getting worse so I had to visit a GP who then referred me to a physio and who gave me a soft tissue massage that nearly killed me. So I was told to have one week off work and rest my wrist. So hence, I’ve been trying very hard to not blog or facebook! Now that my wrist is getting better..I’ll quickly do some post.

I went for my usual weighing today and was expecting to lose at least a few kgs as I’ve been sticking to the meals 100% and been to the gym at least 3 times so I was hoping that I should lose more weight. When I got there, I got greeted by my lovely consultant and we went through what I was expecting, how I did and what I can improve upon. Then it was time to hop on the scales. To my surprise I only lost 0.3kg..which is like nothing! I mean at least it’s a lost and not a gain. But still, I was puzzled as to why I didn’t lose more. Possible reasons could be my body has yet to adjust to losing more weight and maybe skipping some salads and vegies might have affected it too. So, I’ve decided not to be too hard on myself and keep going. Pandabear comforted me and said “well, at least you’ve lost some kgs and not gained some. Each week your body’s metabolism is different”. His ways of comforting me…Here’s some of the meals I’ve been having…

Overall, I liked the gourmet vegetable pizza – it was cheesy and had lots of nice vegetable toppings 🙂

Weight Loss Journey – Getting there…

Published November 12, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, sorry I haven’t been blogging lately..well, I’ve decided to torture myself more by working an extra day cos in 2 weeks time my mummy and my little sister will be visiting me! Yay! So I’ll be taking a week off to take them around. I’ve been getting bad hayfever and slight RSI on my right hand from madly typing and clicking on my work mouse. So I think I better take a break from typing and clicking which means I’ll probably won’t be blogging that much!

Anyways, it’s come to that time for another weighing with my favourite JC consultant. She’s such a nice girl with beautiful smiles, caring and skinny. I still think it’s a criteria to work at Jenny Craig even though they said no…so this week has been an ok week, I managed to stay away from eating out and was left with only 1 JC lunch meal. However, since I’ve been getting this hayfever lately, been feeling rather tired so haven’t hit the gym at all. So I wasn’t sure what to expect. But surprisingly I have lost 0.9kg – yay 🙂 I know it’s not much but any little kgs will help with my motivation! I’m nearly reaching my 1/2 way weight loss goal mark of 20kgs. So here’s a shot of the types of meals I’ve been eating along the way..

Anyways, my favourites are chocolate pudding and shepherd’s pie 🙂 and my least favourites are chicken korma and dahl with rice…not very nice…I’m not very keen with lentils and the looks of it is also not very appetizing…

Well, we sat down and went through what could help me getting back on track with exercise. So I have decided to hit the gym in the morning before I go to work. It was so hard!! It means I have to wake up at least an hour earlier to achieve this..but so far I’ve made it for 2 days so let’s hope I can continue with this.