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A break from lite and easy

Published July 18, 2012 by Mary Jane

Okies, we’ve reached that 4 weeks mark of lite and easy and it’s come to that time that we take a break from lite and easy. I have really enjoyed taking some time off from cooking and having dinners whipped up in microwave ready for me to eat. But all good things must come to an end in some point. We’ve tasted most of their lunches and dinner and overall have enjoyed ordering food from lite and easy. It’s now back to normal cooking and eating normal food. I have not gained any weight or lost any so I suppose lite and easy have allowed me to maintain my weight during the cold winter time. But I’m sure since it’s all frozen surely they have to add some addictive to it to preserve the food. Though I must admit my experience with their fruits and vegies (mostly salad) have been really fresh 🙂

Anyways, Pandabear and I will take a short break from lite and easy and see how we go…


Lite and easy meals…

Published July 16, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, hope you’ve all had a nice weekend. I’ve finally had my piano lesson on the weekends with Eugene…being quite rusty since I was down with a cold and had 3 weeks off. Anyways, here’s the lite and easy meals I’ve been having. I have decided to just have lite and easy lunch only as I don’t want to eat too much processed food…

So here’s some food photos..

The beef and polenta bake was really yummy – but a little small for my liking – I had this for lunch..

The porcupines in tomato sauce…now I didn’t know what are porcupines..apparently they are meat balls with rice…I didn’t quite like the taste of kind of reminded me the taste of the meal loaf I had..that strong meat taste…but the mash and vegies were really nice…so looks like I won’t be ordering this one again..

The tasmanian salmon pasta with broccoli was really yummy…the salmon was quite tender and not dry..I thought it was going to be dry…and there were enough sauces to coat the it was yummy…definitely would order this one again 🙂

I had the Indian chicken rice for lunch and it was delicious! Very tasty…I love the pea mash as well…must admit most of the curries I had from Lite and easy have been exceptional with lovely spices and things..

The beef korma as predicted was very tasty 🙂 I love their curries and it was served with the potato and peas rice. Would definitely get them again.

So overall, the dinners are going well…I have stopped myself from eating supper but opt for the lighter option of fruits or yogurt or simply going to sleep earlier as well…

Lite and easy meals

Published July 11, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hello Guys, well – good news my cold is getting better…hooray and I will have my piano lesson this saturday – am very rusty at it. Okies, I haven’t lost any weight with lite and easy but the good news is I haven’t gained any weight either. So, Pandabear and I will continue to have lite and easy for at least about a month. He’s actually enjoying the food..and plus I don’t have to cook much 🙂 it’s a win win situation. I’ve stopped my late night snacks as well and since my cold is getting better I will endeavour to hop on my bike soon..

here are the food I’ve been mowing…

The baked potato bolognaise was pretty nice – a little small for my liking…

The spinach and ricotta Tortellini was quite nice – which was a surprise as my thoughts on frozen pastas would be chewy..but it was really soft – nice flavouring and it did fill me up for dinner so would definitely consider ordering this again.

Chicken and vegetable risotto was ok – tasted like porridge to me and it was ok for lunch I suppose even though it really didn’t fill me up. Fortunately it came with a little fruit muffin..

The chicken tikka masala was delicious – I love all the curries from Lite and easy – they have good flavours and it usually get served with yellow rice or nice curry vegies which is rather yummy. I would recommend their curry range…it did fill me up for dinner..

The cottage pie as expected very tasty and filling – I would recommend it..their lasagne and fish pie are always a winner.

So overall, most of the dinner meals are rather nice. I haven’t had any off food as yet. The food seemed to be quite fresh – in terms of the fresh produce – fruits and salads. So yeah quite happy with it. I’m now down to lunch and dinner which cost me just under $100 for 5 days. That’s not too bad 🙂

Lite and easy meals…

Published July 6, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, hope this post finds everyone well…I’m still down with this dreadful cold and the cold mornings isn’t helping either 😦 Well, how I’m going with Lite and easy..not too good…I’m finding that I’m still hungry after dinner time so have been cheating the system and snacking 😦 weight wise I haven’t lost any weight but I’m sure it’s due to the extra snacks I’ve been taking..

I have been putting an extra effort in taking photos of dinner meals – as they have more variety. I have stopped purchasing the breakfast menu as I thought I could do it myself. So I’m currently sticking to lunch and dinner orders..

Here’s the meals I’ve had so far..

Lunch was the beef burger – most of the burgers from lite and easy tasted pretty good – I must admit they are abit tiny for my liking…

The special lasagne was delicious – nicely balanced with carrots, beans and cauliflower – but I think in terms of servings I would prefer more of lasagne and less of vegies hehehehe but that’s just me 🙂

I really enjoyed the roast chicken meal it had lots of vegetables – pumpkin, peas, cauliflower and potatoes. I even found a small stuffing hehehehe…I would have preferred more chicken though. The chicken piece was a chicken thigh and it was nice and moist..

The Malay beef curry was really nice – had nice flavours – beef was tender and I loved the vegetables that came with it – pumpkin and onions. I would definitely order this again..I love rice wanted more…but yeah…

Okies, now this chicken enchilada reminds me of the beans vegetarian tortillas I had before which had way too much beans in them. But this chicken enchilada had a good balance of vegies and chicken pieces. So I really enjoyed it very much.

The meatloaf was a hit and miss for me….I’ve never had meatloaf from Jenny craig and thought that I’ll try the lite and easy meat loaf…and I was really disappointed the meat loaf tasted like something close to a dog food – not that I’ve ever tasted dog food…but the smell was so overpowering that Pandabear said ‘what is that food – it stinks!!’ Yup, that’s the only way to describe it…thankfully they had some mash and peas so I could just scoff it down with the meatloaf.

Had this chicken green curry with rice for lunch and it was really nice….I’m finding their curries are really tasty so wouldn’t mind trying their other curries…

Chicken dijon with rice was really lovely too..very saucy and it did fill me up…would definitely order this one again too..

Overall, I am satisfied with lite and easy dinner meals the only thing I have to add is that by about 9.30pm I get hungry and have to go into the cupboard or fridge to search for some snack…so I don’t know whether it’s a winter time thing or not. Anyways, I might stop ordering lite and easy soon since I’m still eating two meals at night (should I say for supper) and I haven’t lost any weight yet…I need to start picking up with my cycling again soon..

Lite and easy dinners

Published June 27, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi guys, I thought I’ll quickly do up a post on the lite and easy dinners. Well, both Pandabear and I are finding that we are still hungry still after eating our dinners. I must admit the dinners are very yummy and it looks relatively big size compared to Jenny Craig but for some strange reason, we get hungry around 9.30pm. So I have been snacking still 😦 I have this breville eggo machine that does perfectly cooked soft or hard boiled eggs. It goes so well with soya sauce!! And if I’m still hungry after having an egg I will either toast a slice of bread or have it with some baked beans. I weighed myself last night haven’t lost anything…anyways, here are the two dinners I’ve had..

The meals were really nice, there was loads of gravy (I love gravy and sauces) and you can see the piece of pumpkin and lot’s of peas. I find most of Lite and easy’s frozen dinners usually comes with frozen carrots, green beans, corn or peas. Which in a way is good it ensure you have lots of vegies but it means the size of the meat is tiny 😦 There were only a few pieces of turkey breast and cos it’s cranberry sauce it was way too sweet for my liking…but I managed to eat it all anyways…it really didn’t fill me up and I was still hungry…

Then the other night I had the crumbed fish – I loved crumbed items – usually they are really good – even though it might be a little soggy but they still taste pretty good..and it usually gets served with carrots & peas and corns…

Overall, the meals are pretty tasty but they are not filling me up 😦


1 week with Lite and easy

Published June 21, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi guys, well – I have survived a week worth of Lite and easy…Pandabear and I have placed another weeks worth of food…last night I was really hungry even though I had my dinner already. So I cheated and had a little snack – a cup of milo and some dried squids…so here’s what I had this morning for brekkie – I was really excited cos it’s a brekkie wrap and I’ve never had it before..

I had so much tomatoes that when I put them together in a wrap I couldn’t fit the bacon and mushroom/spinach mixture so I just left it on the was very delicious and filling I would definitely have this for brekkie again..

last night for dinner I had the steak and vegies with mushroom sauce it looked really good and I know the wedges was going to be soggy as when I used to have it with Jenny Craig it was like that…The flavour was quite nice however the steak was way too lean and fake for me…so I didn’t quite enjoy the steak. So probably won’t be ordering this one again.

Tonight I receive my next week’s worth of food and I’m looking forward to the new dinner menu hopefully they’ll taste better than the ones I have ordered last week…I sneakily weigh myself as well and according to the scale I have lost 0.5kg…but I’m not sure whether it’s just my weight fluctuating or whether it’s cos I was eating Lite and’s still early stages…


Lite and easy – Brekkie, lunch and dinner

Published June 20, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, hope this post finds you all well…it’s been so cold lately with the be honest I don’t really like the rain only when I’m napping inside my house then it’s ok but not when you have have to walk to catch the bus. Anyways, I’ve been feeling quite tired lately with some insomnia – waking up couple of times in the middle of the night (when I have too much on my mind) and couldn’t get back to sleep. Fortunately last night I decided it was time to go to the chemist and pick up some herbal supplements that’s able to give me a good night’s rest. Thank God last night I slept a little better. I’m always a little weary when I’m losing sleep as it’s plays an important part in my mental health 🙂

Anyways, here’s some of the food I’ve been eating for Lite and easy..

For lunch, I had a smoked beef burger with tomato relish when I looked at the round roll it was tiny and I thought to myself there’s no way it’s going to fill me up. Surprisingly it lasted me till dinner time 🙂

For dinner I had chicken schnitzel and yup as usual it tasted pretty nice – full of corn, peas, potatoes and carrots.

For last night’s dinner I had the tortilla stack and it was pretty nice except there was way too many beans and chick peas eventually I finished it off..I wanted to have some sort of meat in it….so next time I won’t be ordering this one…

Usually for morning tea or afternoon tea it either provides me with some muesli, fruit cups, and usual apple and orange. I have been avoiding eating fruits lately as it requires me chopping them up in tiny bits for my braces….

So, overall I manage to survive on 1200 calories worth of lite and easy..on the other hand Pandabear have been starving poor thing – I told him to up his calories to 1500 but he still didn’t do it…