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House warming…

Published November 29, 2011 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, sorry I haven’t been blogging lately..been quite busy as usual and haven’t had the time to upload billions of photos either.. 😦 well, we’ve just had a house warming with our uni friends last saturday. One down and one more to go with our church friends and then last gathering for Christmas and no more till next year. Hooray 🙂 I’m starting to think that I’m getting too old for the party…anyways, it was nice to catch up with friends. I’m not sure whether you guys remember that I did a post on Thermomix gadget, anyways Pandabear has convinced me that if we get it he’ll be able to cook for me 🙂 So we’ve asked our friends to kindly make a contribution towards the thermomix rather than getting us housewarming gifts such as utensils and crockery that we already have…

Pandabear’s mum is not very well from the chemo treatment, poor thing – I can’t imagine what she’s going through. She’s such a strong person, I’m hoping that she’ll get better soon 🙂 14 days left of work, I’m looking forward to it…need a break to catch up on preparing for christmas and attending to other appointments. Also, I’ve been contemplating on getting some braces…I’ve been doing all the research and watching horror videos on utube on how they put on braces and how they take them off…I’ve been putting it off for ages but my dentist thinks I need them for the sake of my teeth (they are all crooked and overcrowded – the top ones..)

So, I’ll let you know the progress of it and whether I ended up going ahead with it…till then look after yourself and let me know if you have any experience of getting braces I could do with a little moral support. Baking wise, I’m going to meet up with my girl friends for a baking session and I think we’re going to do a black forrest cake – a recipe by Poh. Will let you know how we go with this one.


Feeling the blues…

Published November 28, 2011 by Mary Jane

Morning bloggy friends, hope this post finds you all well 🙂 Anyways, sad news – Pandabear received a text last night while we were dining out to celebrate his birthday. It says something along the lines of ‘Maryann, please call back to Taiwan’. My gut feeling tells me that something really bad has happened if I had to ring back overseas…and I was right, went to hospital to use Pandabear’s office phone and my grandma has passed away yesterday morning. Sniff sniff, as much as I was emotionally and mentally prepared for I still ended up sobbing away…I miss my grandma and I was thinking next year I would pay her a visit when I return back to Taiwan but I guess it won’t happen now…:-( After the dreadful phone call I went and visited Pandabear’s mummy. One of my biggest phobia is HOSPITAL…I hate hospitals – the smell, the looks, the sounds everything!! argh!! I think to overcome this I need to desensitise myself by going more often I think…

So last night, I didn’t sleep too well – this always happens to me when I’m sad or stressed out. Woke up around 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I hope I survive my final class tonight….I’m so tired….this year has been a really challenging year and I’m glad it’s coming to an end….:-(

What’s happening lately…

Published November 23, 2011 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, sorry haven’t been blogging lately…anyways, what’s happening around my world. Busy as usual…finally Pandabear and I have settled into our new den. We’ve got the canvas photos up on our walls and I’ve bought a nice red vase with some fake flowers and yup, that’s it…it’s our new home 🙂 This weekend, we’re having a house warming with our uni friends and the following weekend we’ll have another house warming for our church friends…we’ll be all house warming out by then hehehehe 🙂

Anyways, baking wise – I’m still baking just haven’t had the time and energy to post them up. Red velvet cupcakes, Pandabear said they were really nice so might consider making them for Christmas 🙂 Oh, I forgot to mention that I’ve been doing this evening course which my doc has recommended to help me cope better with stress (yes, sometimes I’m just like a stress ball when times get tough 😦 ) Thank goodness it’s only on Tuesdays/Thursdays nights after work and this thursday will be my last day for the course – hooray I made it 🙂 so to reward myself, I will go to a nice relaxing massage. My mate Audrey has recommended me this massage that does walk ins so you can ring up anytime and go in any time it’s great and the girls are Korean/Japanese very friendly and very good at massage 🙂

Not that I’m counting down but I have less than 4 weeks of work left (hooray!) and it’s Christmas shut down. This year Pandabear and I have volunteered to have a family christmas dinner at our new place so we’ll be pretty busy in December 🙂 Time to set some new years resolution for 2012…scary…today is Pandabear’s birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We’ve had an early celebration dinner at the Loosebox and the degustation was fantastic…when I have time I shall upload some photos to show you guys..

On a sad note, Pandabear’s mum had to be readmitted back to the hospital as her cancer cells have came back 😦 so she’ll have to go through some chemo treatment. My mummy is still in Overseas cos my grandma is unwell. For some strange reason everyone around me seemed to be unwell lately…it just makes you think about the importance of spending time with your family and close friends when ever you can as sickness can fall upon anyone

Weight loss journey

Published November 8, 2011 by Mary Jane

Well, as you guys know I’ve stopped my JC when I left Melbourne. Since then my weight has remained pretty much the same. Pandabear and I have decided to purchase a road bike together so we can go cycling together. I usually go after work on days which I finish work early and it’s a great feeling when you hop on the bike and start to cycle around the foreshore area (fresh air, sunshine and heaps of cyclist zooming past you!!). I love my bike and I’m determined to stick to at least 3 times of week cycling either by myself or with Pandabear 🙂

I’ve also started this once a week walk with my mate Audrey. Even though we have only done it once due to the crazy unpredictable weather we been getting in Perth. It was great to catch up and have a walk buddy…we usually meet up on Fridays as she only works 1/2 day and I finish at 4pm on Fridays so yeah hopefully we’ll keep this up. I’m hoping with cycling and walks I’ll be fit and healthy!! Well, that’s the plan anyways…I will upload a picture of my flashy bike when I remember next time!

Blog insight

Published November 8, 2011 by Mary Jane

Hello Blogger friends, it’s been so long since I last update my blog. Special thanks to those who are still checking on my blog post. Alot of things have happened this year – challenging things and also lack of motivation and time so I have not bothered to update my blog 😦 Well, what’s happening in my life at the moment. I’ve moved to a new house and started slowly decorating my new place (that was stressful). Gone back to work full-time – still at the same job. Cooking and baking wise, I’m terribly behind with Jamie’s cook book challenge however – I have since pick up my baking and baked an apple pie for my girl friends when they were over my place the other day 🙂

Pandabear is doing fine, he’s still working hard now that we have a bigger home. Well, I can’t believe this year is coming to an end…it’s a scary thought. But I’m ready to put this year behind me 🙂 I’ve also started this 4 week evening course which takes up 2 days of the week which makes me very tired too! Plans for next year (2012) – March/April traveling overseas and Iam thinking of going back to study (yes! I’m mad!!) – just a language course to brush up my Japanese 🙂 but we shall see.

Regarding my business venture with my mate Jon, I have put that on hold – Jon is super busy with his photography business and as for me, I need to find time to continue with this business idea…we shall see what happens in the new year.

Even though I won’t be updating my blog as much – I will try to find time to update from time to time 🙂

take care everyone and Christmas is just around the corner!