Lite and easy – Day 1

Published June 15, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, hope this post finds you all well. Finally it’s Friday…yay πŸ™‚ This week has been a long week. I’ve been feeling really tired this week – my braces have been hurting I’m not sure whether if it’s due to the cold weather that’s causing my wires to retract or perhaps the braces is doing it’s thing by shifting my teeth – what ever it is it’s painful! 😦

Last night Pandabear told me that our lite and easy meals will be arriving – yay πŸ™‚ time to lose some weight, take a break from cooking and no need to worry about dishes at night.. Last night it was pouring like crazy and the instructions was to leave it outside our alfresco area. When I got home from work I found two large esky boxes – I was like wow that’s alot of food. They were kept in dry ice and was still frozen when I got home. After reading several Lite and easy reviews online, I have decided to check every single order to make sure nothing was missing and nothing was expired or rotten (especially the fruits) – all seemed to be ok so far.

I like how everything is well organised – neatly packed into individual bags and labelled clearly with Day 1 Breakfast, Day 1 – Lunch, Day 1 Dinner etc…so I decided to clear the shelves within my fridge and freezer and make room for these frozen/fridge meals..

They gave us a menu which consist of 4 week rotation of different variety of food that you can choose from and a little flyer that says you get a $20 voucher from Myers if you refer a friend to the program..hehehehe

Okies, so Day 1 breakfast this morning – it was toasted fruit muffins with spread and fruit muesli. My fruit muffin was frozen so I had to defrost it in the microwave first and then toast it in my toaster – tasted ok, but generally I’m not a fruit muffin person – it was either fruit muffin or cereals – I don’t like cereals so it’s fruit muffin! I ran out of time for the fruit muesli so I’m keeping it for morning tea which I’m sure I’ll get hungry soon since it was a small muffin…

Last night I still cooked our dinner cos I wanted to start lite and easy with brekkie first. I made what ever it was left in our fridge – Japanese tofu omellete and spam & potato stir fry it was very yummy – probably not very healthy…Anyways, will let you guys know how I go with lunch πŸ™‚

till then, look after yourselves…




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