Truffle chicken…

Published August 29, 2012 by Mary Jane

Okies, this is probably going to be my last post for My Hungry Tummy unless I manage to squeeze in more photos :-P…and it’ll be one of my favourite post. I managed to go to this year’s Mundaring Truffle festival which was pretty exciting…Consider I always go to the Food and Wine Festival. It’s a bit of a drive and I’ve never seen a raw truffle nor cooked with it before so it was exciting to go and check this out. Anyways, Pandabear, my mum and I decided decided to buy the tickets to the Mundaring truffle festival. It only cost $16 and we didn’t opt for wine show which is additional cost. So we drove there and there was already a school bus waiting for us to pick us up and take us to the festival. When we arrived there in the morning it wasn’t too packed…the first booth I spotted was the Cook book booth and I spotted Neil Perry in the crowd talking to people. My good mate Shirls gave me 3 of Neil Perry’s cook book already so I didn’t want to purchase anymore. So I was hoping that I could at least take a photo with him (without buying any books). So I just randomly grabbed one of his books and a gentleman came up and ask me whether I want to get Neil’s autograph I was like nope…I’ve already got his books at home just didn’t bring it. So when Neil was free I walked up to him and asked whether I could have an autograph with him and he said yes 🙂 So I had a nice personal photograph with Neil Perry holding one of his cook books.

It was about lunch time, time to grab a bite so we head off to the right hand side of the booth and it was selling kebabs – looked pretty nice so we grabbed some. Both Pandabear and mum had the chicken kebabs but I had the minced kebab which was OK. On the hind side perhaps I should have ordered the chicken kebab. Cos I suspect my mince tasted like lamb. Anyways, it was rather filling so it was time to head about checking out other booths. First stop was the herb shop which had loads of small herbs – I think I bought a couple – lavender and sage. Then it was time to head off to check out the truffles – the truffles booths was packed with people, and I saw this man with an esky box full of different sizes of truffles. He even had a jar of truffles for sniffing and I went and had a sniff and it was very nutty and strong. Anyways, there were different shapes and I wanted a small tiny piece of truffle for my roast chicken. I was watching French safari last time and they were using the black truffles to stuffed into the chicken. So I decided I wanted to replicate this dish. The gentleman said that I will require 40g worth of truffle for the roast chicken and it was going to cost me close to $100!! I didn’t want to spend that much money on the truffle so I decided to buy just around 18g worth which cost around $40.

I also added some roast vegies as well along with garlic. As instructed 10 minutes before serving the chicken I rubbed the chicken’s skin with some butter to make it glossy and crispy (french style). The results were quite good – everyone said the chicken was really tender and juicy and even though I was quite skimpy with the truffles, you could actually taste the truffles in them..

So the truffle was definitely worth it 🙂


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