Hi, My name is Maryann aka Missy I started this food blog named Seasons of Food & Travel after realising I have this obsession about food and taking food photos, it later then transformed to My Hungry Tummy which evolved into a combination of food and lifestyle blogging. Throughout this blog you will find recipes of comfort food, dessert recipes, my baking disaster stories, hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, kitchen gadget reviews, Jamie Oliver’s cook book challenge, my weight loss journey, holiday trips and some random blog insights. Most of the reviews are based on my own personal opinions. I’m just a simple foodie who loves to cook and eat 🙂

Why My Hungry Tummy? Cos I’m always hungry, I think my friends would sum me up as someone who has a bottomless pit for a tummy and are always in search of yummy restaurants where ever I go. Food started off being a hobby then it became a passion and it evolved to an obsession! This blog is more or less my own personal food diary and most of the food photos are taken by my small red Panasonic camera (not those professional chunky high tech Canon cameras so please excuse the occasional blurry photos)

I was born in Taiwan and grew up in Perth, WA most of my life where I spend most of my time eating, cooking, and baking. I got hitched to my hubby in 2008, named Dave aka Pandabear so you will read about posts of me briefly mentioning about him. Food is what brings people together what a joy it is to share your insight and perspective on food and traveling. I’m a Christian with a passion for food with no cooking qualification background just a freelance cook who is trying to make food & cooking as fun and exciting as possible with minimal efforts!

Enjoy reading…

Seeing the world through constant eating and traveling…

xx Missy


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