Weight Loss Journey – The temptations of eating out!!!

Published December 11, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, sorry haven’t been posting lately been trying to adjust going back to work and recover from a week’s visit from my mummy and little sister. So yes, it’s time to catch up on my post. Well, as you guys know that I’m a foodie so when I was told that my mummy and little sister will be visiting me for a week, I’ve already planned in advance to take them out to certain restaurants to eat. Pandabear has provided me with a suggestion that since we’ll be out about during day time I should really still stick to coming home for dinner that way I can have some JC meals for dinner. As he knows me well, I will definitely pig out when I eat out he recommended me buying lunch size JC meals and have that for my dinner. Sounds fair πŸ™‚ So did it go according to plan? Nope, cos we ended up eating out for dinner most of the time anyways :-O

So it was time for my weighing with JC and I was pretty sure I would have gained back at least 1-2kgs. So when I hopped onto the scale to my surprise it was only 1kg. Phew…not too bad and I was left with lots of JC meals so didn’t have to spend lots of money buying the next lot of food so it was a win win situation. Now that my mummy and little sister have returned back home, I have no excuses but to stick to JC meals again…so here’s some of the JC meals I’ve been eating lately…

So, after having most of the JC meals I’ve ended up with the same weight – I think my body went for an extreme shock when I returned back to the huge portions and oily food of eating out and now that I’ve suddenly changed back to smaller portions of JC meals it’s decided to remain the same weight. I think I’m at this point that I’m struggling with losing 3kgs so that I could reach my weight loss 1/2 way mark. I’m hoping that with last week of two of JC will help me achieve that. As my membership is expiring around 21st Dec it’s perfect timing as I will be returning back home for Christmas after that time for 2 weeks so it’ll be interesting to find out how much weight I would have put on. As I’ve only got one month of stay left in Melbourne (January) I really wanted to eat out and try out as many restaurants as possible and it will be time that I learn to control what I order and the portion size and to stop eating when I’m already full. Also, I’m starting to get bored of JC meals now as they only supply you 4 weeks worth of meals after the 4th week you go back to week 1 and it just keeps rotating…

It has been a great learning experience with JC and looking back now I’ve learnt to eat healthier food and to make sure I don’t let myself go into the starving mode and ended up eating large portion of meals cos I’m hungry and to do that I made sure I have regular healthy snacks throughout the day. Even though I have not reached my full weight loss goal, at least I’m 1/2 way there πŸ™‚ so I shall let you know how I go with my last week and two with JC.


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