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My Mummy

Published April 23, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, life isn’t all about sadness..As mother’s day approaches, I’ve decided to write a post about my mummy. My mummy is my best friend, my mentor, my counselor and well My Mum 🙂 I am the middle child in my family – or you can call it a child with the middle child syndrome? Well, what is the middle child syndrome? It when you have an older sibling and a younger one and you’re stuck in the middle all the time. You’re the only that does most of the work at home and you’re probably not the favourite one too! Well, it’s kinda 1/2 right for me. I do most of the work at home but I’m also my Mummy’s favourite too 🙂 How do I know cos she tells me all the time that I’m her favourite!

My mummy married my daddy when she was in her early 20s and shortly gave birth to my older sister, 2 years later she had me and 6 years later she had my younger sister (at that time, my Daddy really wanted a son and my grandmother convinced my mummy to have a 3rd child hoping it was a boy). But it ended up a girl – my younger sister which we called the black sheep of the family (I will explain more in my other post). So there were 3 daughters in our family. Ever since we’ve migrated to Perth, my daddy have always been working in overseas on a regular basis, so we learned to be quite independent on our own from young. My mummy is a great cook, I’ve started cooking in the kitchen when I was really young around 10. I love watching mummy cook cos she’s so quick and efficient. Give her 30 minutes and she would whip up 3 dishes and a soup on the table ready for us to have for dinner. I can never get sick of Mummy’s cooking, even after 27 years of eating her home cooked meals, I still miss it these days – she would ask me to come back home for dinner and I would always be looking forward to her meals. I even tried replicating some of her dishes, but it just doesn’t taste the same. Same ingredients, same techniques of cooking but somehow the taste and flavours are different??!! Mummy would always joke, it’s a ‘mother’s taste’

Mummy has always being a housewife, with Daddy’s business she didn’t have to work, he was the bread winner for our family- her life revolves around raising the 3 daughters and at that time a little son Babe – our doggy brother. Life seems to be good for our family in Perth – we had a nice big home and enough money to buy what ever we wanted, however things started to change, financial difficulty arose when Daddy’s business started to not do so well and plus having invested lots of money on stock markets and then it had that stock market crash has resulted us in some financial difficulties. We had to sell off our comfortable big home and in search of a rental property. Life was tough, to go from being quite well off to not so well off was a huge adjustment to our life. all the newer rental properties would not allow pets – there were times when my mummy would say it’s time we give away Babe and all three of us would protest!! We rather stay in an older house instead! In the midst of searching for a place to stay Mummy and I would visit many properties and one day out of exhaustion, Mummy fainted and I was so shocked I grabbed her up and asked her if she’s ok, she said she’s fine just feeling abit tired. From that moment onwards I said to myself I would always look after Mummy and never allow this to happen again. Even when she become old and frail with Alzheimer’s disease – I would never ever send her to a Nursing home.

So by God’s grace we found this 30 years+ old rental place where we could keep Babe and life was difficult. Being an old place, it has it’s problems such as toilets blocking, shower system failing, water system broke down, curtain rail broken. Honestly, there were days that I think to myself whether we’ve made the right choice to rent this place. Amongst all of this mummy and I have became very good handyman, we’ve learned to fix things on our own and bunnings were a regular place we visited to fix our old place. But we dared not complain, it was our only choice at that time to rent this place so we could keep our Babe. In my mind, My mummy is a brave woman all these time she was raising the three of us without daddy by her side. She became our mother and our father, and when Daddy passed away I became her companion and the head of the family. Life was difficult as my younger sister was in her rebellious teenage years when my daddy passed away. Her stubborn nature would always get her into trouble which caused alot of heart aches & head aches for our family. However, we persisted on with our prayers for our younger sister and God have slowly moved her heart.

The day I told mummy that I was marrying Pandabear she was so happy for me, but I could tell that she felt really sad at the same time that her favourite daughter was leaving her. Prior to our wedding she cried for 2 weeks at the thoughts of me moving out and losing that companionship. I had to constantly reassure her that I’m close by and would come home regularly to visit her. Thankfully, my younger sister decided it was time to move back home and that has helped my mummy overcome her loneliness. As days progresses, she became used to me not being at home. Every Saturday I would make an effort to meet her for lunch and have our weekly grocery shopping time. My mummy is like my best friend, I tell her everything and I can surely say that she’s the one where I would sacrifice my life for. I love her very much, she is strong, brave, a great cook, and a great saver. She is fit and healthy and have been a gym member for more than 10 years. I admire her strength & determination…


Christmas Family Dinner

Published April 21, 2010 by Mary Jane

Seasons of struggles

Evening bloggy friends, well my sore throat is still sore but don’t really feel the razor cutting feeling anymore. The concoction of metal & iodine must be working perhaps. Anyways, still feeling not too well but I think the sleep of 15hour+ has given me enough energy to watch through another episode of Masterchef. Now the Philip guy who persisted on with making Risotto & strawberry tarts really brings joy to my heart when his partner pulled out last minute due to pressure and stress. I’m so glad the judges have given him the chance to remain at the competition. This sort of brings back some memories…

Last year during Christmas we decided to host a family dinner together inviting our close friends and family at my older sister’s place. Now it was decided that I cook that night for around 15+ people. So mum and I went and did all the grocery shopping. I set my menu out which consists of roasting a large ham, as previous year we had turkey, mint & pea colour creamy pasta, prosciutto wrapped chicken breast with scallops, spaghetti meat ball dish, chilli mussels, salads, stir fried crabs, and fish pie with 2 desserts. 8 main course with 2 dessert, the recipes which I hav adopted from Jamie Oliver – and I have never cooked it before. So I was under the pump and previous night I had an argument with my older sister of her accusing me of doing something that I didn’t which really hurt me.

Nevertheless, the dinner must go on. So mum and I arrived at my older sister’s place and laid out all the ingredients starting to wash and prep all the ingredients. Somehow my older sister could sense that I was unhappy so we started having a conversation which escalated to me screaming and yelling at her with a knife in my hand. (a lesson to learn – never hold a kitchen knife when you are in a heated conversation with someone!). My reaction resulted in my older sister in shock, mum in shock and me being very shock in how much anger I had inside me. Mum pulled her away to another room to calm her down and me walked away to the laundry to calm myself down. Still in shock and I burst out in tears of what just happened?? Now mum walked in and comforted me and asked me whether we should continue carrying on cooking. I replied yes. We had 2 hours to make 8 main courses with 2 desserts, I looked at the clock and realised I’m never going to make it. I was ready to throw in the towel and just go home.

Mum looked at me and said, it’s ok even if we just make some of the dishes it should be enough to feed the people. At that time I realised I must continue on with cooking otherwise there will be no food plating up on the table for our guests. I grabbed the knife and started running around cooking like a headless chook. Somehow miraculously we started plating up some of the dishes and had 1 hour left to finish around 4 more dishes. I thought to myself I will prep up the dessert ingredients so afterwards I can always bake and make them later. Now I have to focus upon these 4 dishes. Mum is a speedy kitchen hand she would chop all the herbs and spices I’ve asked her to do and help me with getting all the ingredients prep up. Half way through cooking, I was in tears suddenly remembered what just happened an hour or so ago with my older sister. Anyways, the dishes all got done and was plated up and the guest has arrived on the dot 6.30pm they were amazed with the amount of food we have prepared. I gave Mum a high five and hug we made it together. We are a great team!

Sometimes during pressure or stress your mind registers and tells you that you can’t cope and you have 2 options to either throw in the tower which is what Andrea did in Masterchef and let the pressure & stress takes over you and give up. Or you can be like Philip in the Masterchef continue to carry on and give it your best shot. I was stoked that the guests all loved the food and when I see smiles on the kids faces as they enjoy the spaghetti meat balls, it was all worth it in the end. I even had time to make the 2 desserts – Tiramisu & banana tarte tatin and was so glad I didn’t burnt myself or hurt myself at all. After a few weeks, I’ve decided it’s best to avoid seeing my older sister as I thought to myself why do I always have to give in and say sorry first? She’s the older one she should come and say sorry to me for making such accusations. It was a difficult time of unrest and anger in my heart, even when I pray to God it was hard as I was harboring this anger inside me. As much as I know in God’s word before you come to God’s altar first you must make up and come before your brother/sister if there’s been contention. But pride got the better out of me, I couldn’t make myself to do it cos it will mean it’s my fault.

This silent war seemed to have lasted for a long time, mum was caught in the middle of it all. Mum would tell me family should love one another you both go to church every Sunday why can’t you just forgive one another. Well, I will forgive her if she comes forward and acknowledge she’s sorry for making such accusations and I will say sorry for screaming and yelling at her while holding a kitchen knife!! I’ve decided the only way to get through to her is to write her a letter – I wrote 3 pages of letter but haven’t sent it to her when I read it through again and again it was all harsh & hurtful words and I know deep down if I sent it to her it will probably be the end of our sistership. I really thank God during this time a close church sister of mine was able to give me sound advise when I shared with her my struggles and she said to me ‘don’t send the letter, because you will regret it – pray and ask God to move your heart and your sister’s heart that you both may come to love each other. Ask yourself whether you would want to make up with your sister? Of course I do, this silent war was slowly chewing me away bit by bit every day when I come home I would be cranky and unhappy. When is this ever going to end?

Thankfully, God started to work in both of our hearts – one day I was thinking to sms her and say I’m sorry. Then I received a sms saying I’m sorry for what I did want to catch up for Chinese New Year Dinner together? I wrote back, thanks for saying sorry, I’m sorry as well yes a dinner would be great. So at the Chinese New Year Dinner we both hugged each other it was silly to just throw away our sistership. I realised and have learnt that wow I never knew I had such anger inside me, which scares me and that I must be able to control my tongue (what I say as it could lead to sin and worst consequences which I will later regret). I do feel very emotionally drained after this fight but I thank God it’s over and me and my older sister are in talking terms again 🙂 there’s a Chinese term blood is thicker than water.

A tribute to My Daddy

Published April 14, 2010 by Mary Jane

Seasons of Sadness

Well, I’m so glad I got home tonight safely without getting too wet and seriously my pants need some hemming they are practically dragging on the floor. I went and saw my physio after work and she said to me ‘Dear me, your neck and shoulders are so tight do you get headaches?’ ‘I’m like yeah, sometimes I get it bad’ She convinced me that next Friday I need to see her again…it must be bad. I really need to take regular breaks instead of gluing myself to the computer. 🙂

Well, the month of April is a month that I rather forget especially the year of 2003. On the 10th of April 2003, we received an overseas phone call that not only shocked our whole entire family but have changed our lives forever. My auntie had rang us from Taiwan to advise us that my daddy had passed away. After struggling with liver cancer for about a year he had passed away, and what made it worst was I didn’t even get to see him the last time before he passed away. This regret have plagued me for many years and people often ask me ‘does it get better each day?’. My answer would be NO, it doesn’t get better each day, but as time passes God gives me the strength to cope better each day.

My daddy was a business man, he was tall, he wasn’t dark he was white, intelligent, friendly and handsome – kinda like an all rounder. He is extremely generous to everyone and was a very patient person. He was a good father who looked after our family, I always feel protected when I’m with him. When I was young, when we were crossing a busy street he would hold my hands with his big warm hands – that would make me feel very safe. He was gentle when it comes to disciplining us. To my recollection he has never lost a temper with us kids, he always disciplines us with his gentle words – he never laid a hand on us. My daddy was smart, he was always the top of his class – and I guess I have inherited his brainy characteristics. His dream of becoming a doctor was shattered when he started hanging out with the wrong crowds and ended up becoming a Vet. To me he suited the vet job he loves animals and have lots of patience when it comes to dealing with animals. He always used to say to me ‘one day I hope you can become a doctor to fulfill a dream that I have never fulfilled..’ His dream have became my burden up until this day when God showed me that I was not suited being a doctor with my fish memory and forgetfulness.

My daddy was diagnosed with a tumor in his liver while he was working in Taiwan. He had to fly back to Perth for treatments with chemo as the tumor was too large to be removed by surgery and it was growing at a part where it was difficult to remove – kinda like the worst case scenario. This happened during my final years of University where I was overloaded with crazy exams, working on my thesis project and working part-time at a restaurant at night. I remember one day I took him to the GP for a check up and I asked the doctor ‘what sort of food he should avoid to improve his conditions’ our doctor replied ‘I think at this stage you should just let him enjoy his life and let him eat anything he wants’ now I don’t like to cry especially infront of other people cos it makes me feel weak. But at that moment I burst out in tears sobbing – it’s as if the doctor have announced there’s nothing they could do about his condition just let him enjoy the remainder of his life. I told myself to hold it together and promised not to ever cry infront of my dad.

After some chemo treatment, he decided he would like to go back to Taiwan to sort out his business matters – he owns a Chinese herbal medicine company and given that the doctor said his treatment was going well they allowed him to travel back to Taiwan. My daddy was a strong person, he never showed his emotions or weakness – kinda like another character trait I have inherited. During his stay in Taiwan his conditions became worse and he never told our family that he was suffering or struggling. We only heard of this when a friend of his rang us saying he really needs our help he’s now checked into the hospital. We made a decision for the whole family to fly back to Taiwan to look after him in the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital he has lost so much weight, his eyes were yellow, he was weak and he didn’t have any appetite at all – I nearly couldn’t recognise him. It was heart breaking to see a strong and healthy person turning to skins and bones skeleton figure. I was heart broken but I had to control my emotions and be strong and not cry.

We spent about a month taking turns staying with daddy at night in the hospital looking after him incase there were some complications. The doctor told us that he’s probably got a few months left and the treatment he had done in Perth was probably not ideal. That news really shocked me, and I blamed myself for convincing him to undertake the chemo treatment in Perth – even though that was the only option of treatment left available. Life in the hospital was difficult, he would wake up in the middle of the night in pain and I would wake up and run to grab the nurses to give him some needles of pain relief. I would say to him let’s pray together and ask God to remove your pain and sing hymn songs to him. I have prayed intensely down on my knees every day asking God to heal him, and I was certain God had the power to heal him if he wanted to. My daddy was a non-christian, he never believed in God. When ever we tried to share the good news of salvation to him he would refuse to listen. However, miraculously, one day he told me he had read the bible that I have left on the table and have received Christ as his personal saviour alone. He was later baptised in the hospital and after that he had much joy and peace in his heart.

His health continue to deteriorate, everyday I would give him is truck load of medications – till one day he said to me ‘Can I not take these pills? I feel so sick eating these medications every day?’ I just replied ‘No you have to take them, you will get better if you continue to take them then I would feel bad of being harsh and later on say to him maybe just take 1/2 of them at least’ There are days I think back I should have been less harsh on him and let him do what ever he wants, who am I kidding those medications were only relieving his symptoms, they are not curing him. Even though he was so sick in his bed, he was still trying to set me up with this intern who was looking after him. He would say ‘well, if you can’t be a doctor you could always marry one – and he seemed like a nice guy he would look after you’ It made me really sad to think here he is struggling to live and he’s still worried who would look after me.

Our financial situation was taking a toll, we had to make the decision of flying back to Perth. My older sister was taking an extended leave from work, my younger sister was in high school, and me well I just graduated from Uni and needed to get a job desperately. We made the decision to return back to Perth temporarily to settle some financial matters, it was a very difficult decision for us to leave him behind and I asked the doctor whether we could transfer dad back to Perth. They said he was not fit for flying, so I had to break this news to him. One day dad suddenly asked me whether I could bring him back home to Perth and take him to Freo again, his favourite place where we would sit by the beach and have fish and chips – I hold back my tears and said ‘I’m sorry dad not now maybe later on, I was heart broken. The day we left Taiwan, he did not show any emotions but I could tell he was sad. I reassured him we would return very quickly as soon as all matters are sorted in Perth.

A few days after we have arrived back in Perth we were told he had passed away in the hospital. Things happened very quickly, his health had deteriorated so quickly, they couldn’t revive him. He had a funeral in Taiwan – only my mummy and my younger sister was able to attend due to financial reasons. He was cremated and we brought his ashes back home to be buried in Freo his favourite place. Life was never the same, I became the head of the family, mum have always being a house wife her whole entire life – I had no time to cry, I had to carry on as if nothing have ever happened to hold the family together. I asked God why? Why did you not heal him!! I cried to God but then I realised God have actually saved him not physically but spiritually he no longer have to go through the suffering and pain, he’s now in heaven a great paradise, a better place to be. That really comforted me and helped me grieve. Each year goes by, the worst thing was every night when I think about him I would cry the whole night. I wonder where all this sadness was coming from? I guess I never had the chance of grieving his death. It has now hit me twice as hard as anything. I’m sad that he has never walked me down the aisle instead I had my mummy walking me down the aisle when I got married and he would never had the opportunity to see his grandchildren and most of all to see that I have married a doctor who is now looking after me and to see that we are living a happy life as a family.

Every father’s day I would feel sad, cos when people are celebrating father’s day with their dads. I will be bringing flowers to the cemetery instead. When I’m sad I would go to Freo and sit by the cemetery and it will make me feel better. But I’m comforted knowing that he’s at a better place in heaven and I hope one day I will see him in heaven and give him a big hug and say sorry I have left him behind and that I was harsh on him. Even though I don’t have an Earthly father I still have my heavenly father. We thank God each day for seeing us through this difficult period of our lives, he has never forsaken us during this difficult time. Even though life was tough emotionally, physically and financially, we never had to beg for help from others we always had enough to go through each day. It has taken me 7 years to talk about him, and I think it’s a good sign that I’m healing emotionally. It doesn’t feel like 7 years ago it felt just like yesterday when we were still in the hospital spending our last moments together. May all glory and honor goes to our almighty heavenly father and I will forever treasure the memories of my daddy in my heart.

Wedding Anniversary

Published April 9, 2010 by Mary Jane

Seasons of happiness

Hello my bloggy friends, I’m so so sorry I haven’t had a chance to update my blog. But I promise once I get my act together, I will share with you guys an amazing journey/trip that I’ve had in US & Canada few weeks ago. 🙂 Well, my life predominantly fills with lots of food, but it’s not just all about food – I have my lovely family and my hubby. Just recently we celebrated our 2 years wedding anniversary together and I thank God for seeing us through these two beautiful years.

I’m the sort of person who likes to reflect on the past – not sure whether this is a good thing or not but by reflecting on the past – I draw memories and strength and count all the blessings that God has given me in my life. So I’m going to share how I met my hubby aka Pandabear. This seemed liked the most common question people ask when they get to know me 🙂

Pandabear and I are very different people – now I agree with the statement opposite attracts. Me – I’m forgetful aka fish memory, easy going, friendly, animal lover, food lover, elderly people lover, can be stubborn, organised and efficient. I have no time to slow down and I hate being lazy!!! That’s right that’s why I hate being sick cos when you’re sick you just lie in bed and DO NOTHING! Ok that’s enough about me, Pandabear – well he’s got great memory, a little bit serious and conservative, reserved, extremely stubborn, can be friendly if he wants to, definitely not an animal lover, definitely not a food lover, definitely not an elderly people lover, he is extremely organised to the point I think he has obsessive compulsive nature in him.

God brought Pandabear into my life at the saddest and lowest point of my life. And at times when we argue and get angry with each other I would always reflect at that time he gave me the courage and the encouragement to keep me going. This has allowed our relationship to grow stronger each year. I believe relationship is about compromising, Pandabear and I used to argue over petty things – how the dishes should be washed, me destroying his squeaky clean kitchen, me staining his clothes, how I’m so forgetful and how he never admits he’s wrong and he always never think before he says things which may hurt other peoples’ feelings. But after all marriage life is not all about these petty things you’ve got to turn a blind eye with these petty things.

Ok, so how we met – at our church youth group. Now Pandabear attends a different church and when he was in Melbourne he bumped into one of my friend Mr M and Mr M asked him whether he would like to attend our youth group cos at his church there weren’t a youth group. Pandabear kinda said he would think about it but never came to our church. So few months plodded along and Lord and behold Pandabear bumped into MR M in Perth now this time Mr M asked him to come to our youth group. Out of courtesy Pandabear decided he would visit our church one youth group night. Now it was hate at first sight for me and according to Pandabear he thought I was a feisty girl and very interesting – that must be a good impression I suppose. We had a games night that night and he was the judge and I was in one of the group and I thought he was being unfair, so I walked up to him not knowing who he was and screamed ‘Can’t you see our group answered correctly first, you’re suppose to give the points to our team!!!’

Anyways, that was our first encounter – me thinking this nerdy looking guy who is arrogant and stubborn, him leaving our church thinking this girl is feisty and interesting. So he started attending more of our youth group nights, camps and was there for me when I was at the dumps – so the rest is history. We dated for 4 years until we decided it was time to get married and me leaving my home to move in to his little den. I always thought I was one of those people who would probably stay single for a long long time or for the rest of my life why? Cos I don’t like to be told what to do and also I don’t like to listen to people – I only like to do my own thing and make my own decisions!! At least I admit it, so it makes it hard when I know wives should be submitting to husbands! It’s a lesson that I need to learn everyday and Pandabear would always complain that I don’t listen to him. Which is not true, I do listen to him but just not ALL THE TIME.

Marrying Pandabear is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life… Why? Cos I have a life time companion now who is able to help me during the tough times to be there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on, to share my happy moments with joy, to travel around the world and enjoy great food, and most importantly I do not have to make any hard decisions by myself…when I watched the movie ‘UP’ it made me cry – I don’t usually cry cos I think crying is for the weak but the movie did made me cry when the old man was going through the photo album that his late wife made for him. I hope and pray that Pandabear and I will grow old together and we’ll be holding our hands lovingly taking a stroll around the park still looking after each other. And God forbid if one of us gets sick and pass away the other one would continue to live a happy life – or even better both pass away around the same time that way neither of us would feel lonely or sad- I’m sounding quite morbid now. 🙂 Cos I have a fish memory I would joke with Pandabear if one day I have Alzheimer’s disease and can’t remember you anymore what would you do? He would say I would smack you out of your Alzheimer’s disease until you recognize me or at times he would shrug his shoulders and say “I hope that day doesn’t come”…

Before I end why do I say we have gone through 2 beautiful years as hubby and wife, because we’ve learnt to compromise with each other and talk with each other to sort out our differences. Now it’s taken me a while to learn this lesson because I don’t talk I usually bottle it up and Pandabear well like a typical guy he doesn’t talk about emotional needs. This not only allows our marriage relationship to stay stronger, but we love each other more and more each day. Prayer plays an important part in maintaining our marriage relationship – there are certainly challenging times when I feel what have I gotten myself into and why I have to put up with Pandabear, but these moments disappear when God reassures me that it’s the challenging times which will make our relationship grow even stronger, after a storm there will always be a sunshine. 🙂

Yanchep Family Outing

Published March 3, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening bloggy friends, hope this post finds you all well. It’s been hard going back to work after a long weekend. Monday was a Labour Day for WA so that means no work for me. So I asked my family whether they would like to have a picnic or not – I’ve also invited my mate Skister who I used to work with and now we’re best mates. So in the end my sister decided why not head to Yanchep National Park – it’s only a 45 minutes drive and it will be great for the kids to see all the wild life animals. So I thought that’s not a bad idea and prepared some simple picnic food – Massaman Curry Chicken, some fresh baked rolls, brie cheese, fried noodles, feta olive oil salad and some sausages. Noodles & Sausages were done by my sister.

Now the forecast for the day was a scorching hot 37 degrees…yikes it’s so hot that by the time it was around 3pm the sun was still bright and burning outside. I’m starting to think that picnic at Yanchep was a bad idea. So I sms my sister and told her I’ll be heading to her house a little later cos it’s still so hot outside. So we arrived at Yanchep National Park around 5.30pm by that time the weather has become cooler. Found ourselves a table to put all our food and straight away when we settle in, there were lots of ducks and weird looking red beak looking bird which flew in and surrounded us. They must have smell our delicious food and wanted some. So we scoffed down our picnic food and there were heaps of left over freshly baked rolls and I’ve decided to grab my nieces to feed the ducks and weird looking birds.

ducks crowding around us

ducks crowding around us

It was really fun feeding the ducks and weird looking birds, I always look out for skinner ducks and birds cos they always misses out on feeding cos they are weak. Then you see some aggressive ones who attacks other ducks & birds even though they are probably over weight already. When I see a duck attacking another duck I would tell that duck off by scaring them off. It’s fascinating to watch how I would tear off little crumbs from the bread rolls and just chuck them in one hit scattering them everywhere and all the ducks & birds would rush to peck at them and scoff them down. Rather amusing really..

So after the duck & birds feeding session, we decided to head down and see the kangaroos there were so many kangaroos. I really wanted to go and pat them but as soon as I get closer to them, they just skip away really quickly. I even saw little Joey which stood by the mother, so cute – but I didn’t see any little ones inside the mother kangaroo’s pouch. 😦 I’m just so amazed on how the kangaroos can stand up straight and skip so fast, so bouncy and carefree siting on the lawn eating grass. I tried to feed them with some of my left over bread rolls but they didn’t seem to eat them. Then, I heard my sister telling me that kangaroos have bad eye sights they can’t see your tiny bread crumbs. So I ripped a huge piece of the bread rolls and chuck them right in front of the kangaroos and guess what they ate it hooray!! 🙂



We were all kangaroo out and decided to search for other animals such as koala bears, but couldn’t seem to locate any. It was starting to get a little dark, time to go home before the mozzies come out. We had fun time at Yanchep National Park. Would definitely recommend people to go there for a family picnic…

Chinese New Year – Photos

Published February 16, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy Friends – yes this is your new nickname now, apart from naming all my soft toys I also give people nicknames as well. 🙂 so now I will show you the list of dishes my mother in law cooked for Chinese New Year.


Deep fried Nien Gao

Deep fried Nien Gao

Roast Duck

Roast Duck

My Stewed Beef with potatoes & carrots

My Stewed Beef with potatoes & carrots

Mushroom Chicken with Broccoli

Mushroom Chicken with Broccoli

Tomato based Mussels & Squids stew

Tomato based Mussels & Squids stew

Panfried Fish

Panfried Fish

Vegetarian mushrooms, fungus & vermicilli

Vegetarian mushrooms, fungus & vermicilli

Deep Fried Quails

Deep Fried Quails

Okies, I think I’ve finally finished uploading the photos – it was like watching paint dry. There were so much food that night I felt like I’ve gained another 2 kgs…but hey, it’s Chinese New Year – you’ve gotta enjoy some great food. 🙂

Chinese New Year

Published February 14, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Everyone, blessed Chinese New Year & Happy Valentines day… this year is the year of Tiger, really in Perth you can’t feel the atmosphere of Chinese New Year unless you are in Northbridge which is kind of like Perth’s China Town. There will be lion dance and fire crackers going, but apart from that nothing special happens in Perth it’s just another day. At this time in Taiwan, there will be lots of red packets, family dinner, lion dance and people celebrating Chinese New Year on the streets and shops crowded with people buying things. Last night Pandabear and I went to my in laws for a family dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year. Now my mother in law is a great Malaysian cook, she often whip up meals like within 30 minutes. Yesterday, when we arrive at 5pm she was close to finishing everything off. She always stir fries her vegies last as it doesn’t taste too good when they go cold. I brought along stewed gravy beef with potatoes and carrots and my sister in law made some home made mango pudding and baked a chocolate mud cake. We also had some close family friends over as well and they brought some roast duck/bbq pork/roast pork along with home made “An Gu Guey” – Red and turtle looking starchy glutonese rice flour with yellow bean filling (very tasty!!)

My mother in law is a typical housewife her life revolves around looking after her family and making sure they get fed and the house is functional – clean & nice. I have since then learn’t a few dishes from her. My Chinese cooking is different from my mother in law’s cooking as most of my Chinese dishes I’ve learnt from my mum and hence my mum’s cooking is more Taiwanese where is my mother in law’s cooking is more Malaysian so I have the best of both worlds 🙂 I really enjoyed the scrumptious meal my mother in law whipped up, I think we had more dishes than it’s needed to feed everyone – but it’s always good to have more than not enough. So my mother in law ended up packing some take away containers for me 🙂 I love meeting up with my father in law, he’s into planting organic vegetable garden. Mine is nothing compared to his. He’s planted these fantastic long string beans that are so sweet you can just eat them raw. All his vegetable plants and fruits are growing so well that when it came to harvest time they bare so much fruits and vegies that sometimes they don’t know what to do with them. He has fig tree, persimmons, bitter melon, string beans, oranges, sweet potato leaves, Chinese Gang Kong, lettuce, spring onion and the list goes on… Cos I love those sweet string beans, I’ve asked my father in law to give me some seeds and he kindly offered me some seeds that he has harvested & dried and also some long string beans to take home 🙂 Yay!!

Dinner was delicious, my mother in law made some deep fried Nien Gao – deep fried sweet potatoes with glutenous cake – it’s a traditional dish for Chinese New Year. They are so addictive once you have one you would want another one and another one until you feel pretty full. She also made some spring rolls (they are not deep fried) wrapped inside are some cabbages, home grown string beans, vermicelli, carrots and sweet chilli sauce – they were really tasty. She even made some without the chilli sauce for Pandabear cos he doesn’t eat any spicy food (how thoughtful). We also had some mushroom chicken served with broccoli – the key to this dish is not to over cook the chicken breast otherwise it will be dry and flaky. But the chicken breast was done perfectly, it’s juicy and tender 🙂 I think my mother in law also attempt to make something western, a tomato based chilli mussels with some squid rings. There were also some pan fried fish with soya sauce, a vegetarian dish that consists of stir fried black fungus, mushrooms and vermicelli – I love that dish. We also had some deep fried Quail. So there were lots of food to go around. I was so full!!

When it came to dessert time, we had my sister in law’s mango pudding & chocolate mud cake they were delicious and also some fruits with “An Gu Guey” – by that time my tummy was to the point of exploding and had to take a break to go and watch the episode of Iron Chef – more about food. Tonight, I will be celebrating Chinese New Year with my own family at Mum’s place we are having steamed boat and I’m looking forward to it 🙂 I’ve been having problems uploading some photos…so sorry no photos on this post till next time!