Lite and easy meals…

Published July 16, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, hope you’ve all had a nice weekend. I’ve finally had my piano lesson on the weekends with Eugene…being quite rusty since I was down with a cold and had 3 weeks off. Anyways, here’s the lite and easy meals I’ve been having. I have decided to just have lite and easy lunch only as I don’t want to eat too much processed food…

So here’s some food photos..

The beef and polenta bake was really yummy – but a little small for my liking – I had this for lunch..

The porcupines in tomato sauce…now I didn’t know what are porcupines..apparently they are meat balls with rice…I didn’t quite like the taste of kind of reminded me the taste of the meal loaf I had..that strong meat taste…but the mash and vegies were really nice…so looks like I won’t be ordering this one again..

The tasmanian salmon pasta with broccoli was really yummy…the salmon was quite tender and not dry..I thought it was going to be dry…and there were enough sauces to coat the it was yummy…definitely would order this one again 🙂

I had the Indian chicken rice for lunch and it was delicious! Very tasty…I love the pea mash as well…must admit most of the curries I had from Lite and easy have been exceptional with lovely spices and things..

The beef korma as predicted was very tasty 🙂 I love their curries and it was served with the potato and peas rice. Would definitely get them again.

So overall, the dinners are going well…I have stopped myself from eating supper but opt for the lighter option of fruits or yogurt or simply going to sleep earlier as well…


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