Weight Loss Journey – Day 2 of Jenny Craig’s food

Published September 25, 2010 by Mary Jane

Anyways, I have survived my first day of Jenny Craig food and I was really surprised these frozen food actually don’t taste too bad. The other plus thing is they actually make me quite full – I don’t know how cos some of the portion size is quite small. Anyways, onto the 2nd day…I was starting to have some hope of the food.

For brekkie, flakes, fruits & fibre and you can serve it in a non fat milk – I didn’t have any non fat milk so I substituted with rice milk which had the lowest calories compare to other milk I have in my fridge..

For afternoon snack I had some Chocolate Caramel Crisp – that was quite yummy – tasted like chocolate and caramel flavoured rice bubbles..

As for lunch, it was ham, cheese and tomato Jaffle – I’ve never had a jaffle before so I was excited for my lunch meal. When I took it out to microwave it – it reminds me of my failed looking cotton cake hehehe. Looks kinda spongy and cute. It was quite yummy – I love ham and cheese…I served it with some blanched cabbage and cauliflower rather than the garden salad.

As for dinner, it was chicken fettuccine. I microwaved this one – and I think I might have over microwaved it – cos it turned out a little dry – not much sauce, but the flavour was still quite good.

Overall, I was happy with my meal today – it made me full and not hungry and in between I had some fruits and No fat yoghurt for snacks. The No fat yoghurt was yucky as I have imagined, I needed some flavouring in them so I chopped myself some bananas and pop them into my yoghurt which made it edible 🙂

Also, in order to speed up my weight losing process – I’ve decided to head back to the gym and made it for 60 minutes betweeen the treadmill & nautical ride. Very proud of myself.

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