Weight Loss Journey – Jenny Craig continues on…

Published October 7, 2010 by Mary Jane

Anyways, as you guys know I’m on Jenny Craig diet. Well, I had my first consultation and weighing and it was so disappointing I only lost 0.1kg!! Which is pretty much nothing – it’s probably my clothes weight heheheh. Anyways, I sat down with the consultant and went through why I didn’t lose much. I skipped 3 lunch meals and ate out and she said I wasn’t drinking enough water to flush my system out and not sticking to the vegies/fruits and salad which is probably why I haven’t lost much weight. I was still exercising, so was a little disappointed. Anyways, here are some of the food I’ve been eating…

Honestly, the meals are actually quite tasty – there’s a few I don’t like such as the porridge for brekkie – it’s quite tasteless, tomato basil lentil salad for lunch and fried rice – not much flavour. The good thing about this is that I could tell the Jenny Craig consultant that I don’t like them and trade them off with the ones that I like which is great 🙂

Well, I went back for my second weighing – week 2 of meals and I lost 1.4kg, so happy. I still skipped a lunch and a dinner but have tried to drink as much water as I can and having fruits and vegies. So I was pretty happy. So the total weight loss is now 1.5kg. Not much but hey it’s a start. I’m onto my week 3 of meals and I’ll be away overseas for a week where I’ll eat out everyday 😦 oh well, I’ll have to try very hard and watch what I eat, probably end up gaining the 1.5kg back hehehehe….we shall see how it goes…


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