Weight Loss Journey – a good good week

Published November 4, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello, yes today I went back for my usual weekly routine weighing and catching up with Jenny Craig. It’s so nice to be greeted with a warm smile and not get told off for not sticking to the meals 100%. Anyways, I’m back on track again after a bad bad week last week where I gained 0.8kg which was kinda expected as I hardly ate any of the Jenny Craig meals. So this week, I made sure I tried to stick to it…and the results shows – I’ve lost 1.4kg this week – so proud of myself. I didn’t stick to it 100%. I’m left with 2 lunch and 1 dinner which isn’t too bad. My consultant said “well, I think you can have a day eating out as a reward” which is always encouraging and considering that I’ve hurt my left knee and have reduced my gym/exercise commitments down to close to nil – this was what I needed to pick me up again 🙂

So I’m hoping I can stick to it, another option that was presented to me was to have the option of planning your own menu (I was given a pamphlet that has all the meals that I could choose from so I’m going to check it out as I’m starting to get sick of eating my frozen meals). Anyways, here’s some of the photos of food I’ve been eating…enjoy…

It’s a good good week for me…hopefully I’ll stick to it for the rest of 5 weeks left…


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