Walnut and Chocolate Cake

Published August 27, 2012 by Mary Jane

The weekends always go by very quickly…anyways, one night I felt like baking something and came across this recipe in the Carol’s baking blog book. Walnut and chocolate cake…I had some baking chocolates, walnuts and cocoa powder in my pantry so enough ingredients to bake this cake. The recipe was simple enough…chopping up the walnuts into smaller pieces, melt the chocolates etc…and combining the ingredients together. For some strange reason, when I mix the consistency together it was rather thick I was starting to think that the chocolate might have harden up when I was mixing everything together since it’s winter time. Plus adding chopped walnuts in would have made a difference. I later found out that I mix the walnut in wrong. I was meant to keep some on the top of the cake instead of mixing the whole bunch into the cake.

So I quickly chopped up extra walnuts and put some on top of it and baked it. I had a feeling that it wouldn’t rise up as much and I was right it did rise up but not as much must be the amount of walnut sinking it down…

Anyways, it looked ok – so I sliced up a little square of it – it looked rather dense but you could see all the walnut bits into the cake and it actually looked ok.

Time for tasting – it tasted quite nice – it’s got the crunch of the walnut and the chocolate flavour but it was a little dense for my liking. Anyways, the flavour was really nice but next time I’ll know not to add so much walnut into the mixture.

Also – when I ate some the next day it got a little more denser – tasted similar to a brownie rather than a cake – so I chucked it into the microwave for a few minutes and it soften the cake alittle….overall, this recipe was ok for me…


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