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Truffle chicken…

Published August 29, 2012 by Mary Jane

Okies, this is probably going to be my last post for My Hungry Tummy unless I manage to squeeze in more photos :-P…and it’ll be one of my favourite post. I managed to go to this year’s Mundaring Truffle festival which was pretty exciting…Consider I always go to the Food and Wine Festival. It’s a bit of a drive and I’ve never seen a raw truffle nor cooked with it before so it was exciting to go and check this out. Anyways, Pandabear, my mum and I decided decided to buy the tickets to the Mundaring truffle festival. It only cost $16 and we didn’t opt for wine show which is additional cost. So we drove there and there was already a school bus waiting for us to pick us up and take us to the festival. When we arrived there in the morning it wasn’t too packed…the first booth I spotted was the Cook book booth and I spotted Neil Perry in the crowd talking to people. My good mate Shirls gave me 3 of Neil Perry’s cook book already so I didn’t want to purchase anymore. So I was hoping that I could at least take a photo with him (without buying any books). So I just randomly grabbed one of his books and a gentleman came up and ask me whether I want to get Neil’s autograph I was like nope…I’ve already got his books at home just didn’t bring it. So when Neil was free I walked up to him and asked whether I could have an autograph with him and he said yes 🙂 So I had a nice personal photograph with Neil Perry holding one of his cook books.

It was about lunch time, time to grab a bite so we head off to the right hand side of the booth and it was selling kebabs – looked pretty nice so we grabbed some. Both Pandabear and mum had the chicken kebabs but I had the minced kebab which was OK. On the hind side perhaps I should have ordered the chicken kebab. Cos I suspect my mince tasted like lamb. Anyways, it was rather filling so it was time to head about checking out other booths. First stop was the herb shop which had loads of small herbs – I think I bought a couple – lavender and sage. Then it was time to head off to check out the truffles – the truffles booths was packed with people, and I saw this man with an esky box full of different sizes of truffles. He even had a jar of truffles for sniffing and I went and had a sniff and it was very nutty and strong. Anyways, there were different shapes and I wanted a small tiny piece of truffle for my roast chicken. I was watching French safari last time and they were using the black truffles to stuffed into the chicken. So I decided I wanted to replicate this dish. The gentleman said that I will require 40g worth of truffle for the roast chicken and it was going to cost me close to $100!! I didn’t want to spend that much money on the truffle so I decided to buy just around 18g worth which cost around $40.

I also added some roast vegies as well along with garlic. As instructed 10 minutes before serving the chicken I rubbed the chicken’s skin with some butter to make it glossy and crispy (french style). The results were quite good – everyone said the chicken was really tender and juicy and even though I was quite skimpy with the truffles, you could actually taste the truffles in them..

So the truffle was definitely worth it 🙂


Pizza night

Published August 28, 2012 by Mary Jane

Anyways, from time to time Pandabear and I would consider making home made pizza with thermie. It’s quite easy to make the dough in the thermie – just bread flour, water and yeast and then you can freeze the extra dough later. Anyways, for some reason we always ended up rolling the dough into a rectangular shape rather than a circular shape but it’s great for cutting into square pieces. For flavours, usually we make a Hawaiian flavour, supreme and this time we decided to try something different. In Italy we ate this pizza which consist of just potatoes, rosemary and cheese. It was so simple but it was delicious 🙂 So decided to replicate this…I first parboil the potatoes so that when you bake the pizza it will cook faster…grabbed some rosemary from my backyard and topped with some cheese. Here are the photos of our yummy pizza. The last pizza was just a mix of left over ingredients…

Walnut and Chocolate Cake

Published August 27, 2012 by Mary Jane

The weekends always go by very quickly…anyways, one night I felt like baking something and came across this recipe in the Carol’s baking blog book. Walnut and chocolate cake…I had some baking chocolates, walnuts and cocoa powder in my pantry so enough ingredients to bake this cake. The recipe was simple enough…chopping up the walnuts into smaller pieces, melt the chocolates etc…and combining the ingredients together. For some strange reason, when I mix the consistency together it was rather thick I was starting to think that the chocolate might have harden up when I was mixing everything together since it’s winter time. Plus adding chopped walnuts in would have made a difference. I later found out that I mix the walnut in wrong. I was meant to keep some on the top of the cake instead of mixing the whole bunch into the cake.

So I quickly chopped up extra walnuts and put some on top of it and baked it. I had a feeling that it wouldn’t rise up as much and I was right it did rise up but not as much must be the amount of walnut sinking it down…

Anyways, it looked ok – so I sliced up a little square of it – it looked rather dense but you could see all the walnut bits into the cake and it actually looked ok.

Time for tasting – it tasted quite nice – it’s got the crunch of the walnut and the chocolate flavour but it was a little dense for my liking. Anyways, the flavour was really nice but next time I’ll know not to add so much walnut into the mixture.

Also – when I ate some the next day it got a little more denser – tasted similar to a brownie rather than a cake – so I chucked it into the microwave for a few minutes and it soften the cake alittle….overall, this recipe was ok for me…

Sponge biscuits

Published August 24, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, finally it’s friday – yay 🙂 anyways, one night I felt like baking and wanted to bake some sort of biscuits and came across this cute sponge biscuits from Carol’s blog recipe book. It’s little round sponge biscuits – seems easy enough to do…except I need to pipe the round shape of biscuits though. It kinda reminds me of last time when I tried to make cat tongue biscuits and failed but I’m determined to give this a shot. So I started beating egg whites and flour mixture – the ingredients were pretty simple…the only hard part was piping – why? Cos I couldn’t find my large round nozzles instead I just use the piping bag and locks in the round ring (My brain tells me this might actually works)…

The end results was – well, I ended up with odd round shaped biscuits hehehehehe. The ring attached to the piping bag was a little large hence when I tried to squeeze piping mixture onto the baking paper – it squirts out more than it should have. So some of them appears to be a little on the oval shape. Also there was a little bit of pointy top too 😛

Then it was time to make the butter icing mixture. mmmm….well, I didn’t have any icing sugar at home so I decided to use normal sugar which probably isn’t a good idea. Cos I know when I’m mixing the sugar into the mixture it will not be smooth but grainy..but I was willing to take the risk – as I thought well, I’ll let my sponge biscuits cool down a little to the point that it’s still able to melt the butter icing mixture…I made a small batch of it..

Anyways it was time to assemble them together…odd shape sponge biscuits – they actually tasted quite nice – soft and spongy as expected…I gave some to Pandabear who said it was an unusual biscuit!! hahahaha….but I liked them…and kept some in the container for the next day. To my surprise it actually tasted better the next day – even more spongier and soft (if that’s even a word at all).

Anyways, maybe next time I’ll try it by piping it properly….

Boston Pie…

Published August 23, 2012 by Mary Jane

Time for another recipe from Carol’s blog challenge. I came across this cake one night and thought mmmm…Boston pie?? But it actually looks like a cake instead. So I was quite interested in trying out this recipe. It reminds me of a sponge recipe. Beating lots of eggs and mixing with flour mixture. I decided to bake at one night and since I had some strawberries and whipped cream I may as well put the strawberry fillings in. The original recipe only has whipped cream. So after baking in the oven, the recipe said to flip it upside down similar to when you bake chiffon cake. Since I baked it in a round tin when I flipped it upside down onto the wire to cool down it made some lines on top of the cake…but it actually looks quite good. I cut the cake into 3 layers and fill them with strawberry and cream…

The cake was so moist and fluffy – I was very happy with the turn out of the cake…time to slice it open and have a good look.

Then it was time to have a slice…

To be honest – it tasted like a sponge cake with only that it’s rather moist. The recipe asks to chill it inside the fridge. I was thinking if I chilled this cake it might taste quite dry after a few days but surprisingly – it was really moist – so this cake is definitely a winner. Very easy to bake and tasted really well.

Swiss Roll

Published August 22, 2012 by Mary Jane

Okies, I’ve tried and failed on one of Jamie’s chocolate swiss roll recipe – even though we made it twice with my sister in law. This time, I’ve taken this recipe from Carol’s food blog. I decided to give it a shot. The thing I like about Carol’s recipe book is there’s a step by step photo of each process that way you sort or know whether you are doing right or wrong. So the mixture is very similar to a sponge mixture where there’s loads of eggs and it’s a matter of whisking the egg whites to meringue form and mixing it into the flour mixture. I made sure no air bubbles exist so I gave the tray a tap and smooth the flour mixture..

When it came out of the oven – it looked promising the surface was a little sandy – exactly what the recipe says..for the filling I decided to make a custard/whipped cream mixture and put in some fruits – following the recipe.. I think my custard was a little lumpy – might have split so when I combined with the whipped cream it had little tiny lumps. For the fruits I decided to use golden kiwi fruits and strawberries – the colours were beautiful…

I think I put way too much of the custard/whipped cream mixture and had a feeling when I roll it up it was going to overfill 😦 I’m finding that the sponge is sticking to the baking paper I had on. But eventually I managed to roll it up with a few skins peeling off hehehehe…not sure why it did that maybe I didn’t cool it down completely and there was steam moisture…but I was still happy I managed to roll it up into a swiss roll shape..

as you can see bits and pieces of skin peel off….now it was time to cut a slice of end bits to see the inside of it…

turned out really well..was pretty proud of myself consider I failed on Jamie’s chocolate swiss roll recipe..this one is a winner – I just need to master the skills of not letting the skin peel off from baking paper…

The cake was nice and moist – everybody enjoyed it. Make sure you chill it in the fridge so that the custard/whipped cream mixture hardens up and that the swiss roll shape is set.

Baked Mediterranean whole fish

Published August 20, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Bloggy friends, hope this post finds you all well..haven’t been posting lately…been acting in a new position and well, no time and not feeling up for it. Anyways, I have been keeping up with baking and cooking. I’ve always wanted to bake a whole fish. So I went online to search for a easy recipe. It was a easy Mediterranean stuffed whole fish..the dish was simple enough to whip up. All I need to do is pan fry the stuffings..

pan fry the tomatoes with spring onions..

Then adding some parsley and bread crumbs..with some oregano

Then it was time to wedge the stuffings into the whole fish and bake them in the oven..

slice some tomatoes and put them on top of the whole fish along with the left over bread crumbs…and sprinkle more of oregano mixture…

I had two fish – both weighing around 0.5kg so I baked them on 180 degrees and checking after 30 minutes to make sure they are not over cooked. The last thing you want is dry fish. I also wrap them up in alfoil before I put them into the oven to bake it. Serve with lemon wedges…and it was very tasty…