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Walnut and Chocolate Cake

Published August 27, 2012 by Mary Jane

The weekends always go by very quickly…anyways, one night I felt like baking something and came across this recipe in the Carol’s baking blog book. Walnut and chocolate cake…I had some baking chocolates, walnuts and cocoa powder in my pantry so enough ingredients to bake this cake. The recipe was simple enough…chopping up the walnuts into smaller pieces, melt the chocolates etc…and combining the ingredients together. For some strange reason, when I mix the consistency together it was rather thick I was starting to think that the chocolate might have harden up when I was mixing everything together since it’s winter time. Plus adding chopped walnuts in would have made a difference. I later found out that I mix the walnut in wrong. I was meant to keep some on the top of the cake instead of mixing the whole bunch into the cake.

So I quickly chopped up extra walnuts and put some on top of it and baked it. I had a feeling that it wouldn’t rise up as much and I was right it did rise up but not as much must be the amount of walnut sinking it down…

Anyways, it looked ok – so I sliced up a little square of it – it looked rather dense but you could see all the walnut bits into the cake and it actually looked ok.

Time for tasting – it tasted quite nice – it’s got the crunch of the walnut and the chocolate flavour but it was a little dense for my liking. Anyways, the flavour was really nice but next time I’ll know not to add so much walnut into the mixture.

Also – when I ate some the next day it got a little more denser – tasted similar to a brownie rather than a cake – so I chucked it into the microwave for a few minutes and it soften the cake alittle….overall, this recipe was ok for me…


Sponge biscuits

Published August 24, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, finally it’s friday – yay 🙂 anyways, one night I felt like baking and wanted to bake some sort of biscuits and came across this cute sponge biscuits from Carol’s blog recipe book. It’s little round sponge biscuits – seems easy enough to do…except I need to pipe the round shape of biscuits though. It kinda reminds me of last time when I tried to make cat tongue biscuits and failed but I’m determined to give this a shot. So I started beating egg whites and flour mixture – the ingredients were pretty simple…the only hard part was piping – why? Cos I couldn’t find my large round nozzles instead I just use the piping bag and locks in the round ring (My brain tells me this might actually works)…

The end results was – well, I ended up with odd round shaped biscuits hehehehehe. The ring attached to the piping bag was a little large hence when I tried to squeeze piping mixture onto the baking paper – it squirts out more than it should have. So some of them appears to be a little on the oval shape. Also there was a little bit of pointy top too 😛

Then it was time to make the butter icing mixture. mmmm….well, I didn’t have any icing sugar at home so I decided to use normal sugar which probably isn’t a good idea. Cos I know when I’m mixing the sugar into the mixture it will not be smooth but grainy..but I was willing to take the risk – as I thought well, I’ll let my sponge biscuits cool down a little to the point that it’s still able to melt the butter icing mixture…I made a small batch of it..

Anyways it was time to assemble them together…odd shape sponge biscuits – they actually tasted quite nice – soft and spongy as expected…I gave some to Pandabear who said it was an unusual biscuit!! hahahaha….but I liked them…and kept some in the container for the next day. To my surprise it actually tasted better the next day – even more spongier and soft (if that’s even a word at all).

Anyways, maybe next time I’ll try it by piping it properly….

Swiss Roll

Published August 22, 2012 by Mary Jane

Okies, I’ve tried and failed on one of Jamie’s chocolate swiss roll recipe – even though we made it twice with my sister in law. This time, I’ve taken this recipe from Carol’s food blog. I decided to give it a shot. The thing I like about Carol’s recipe book is there’s a step by step photo of each process that way you sort or know whether you are doing right or wrong. So the mixture is very similar to a sponge mixture where there’s loads of eggs and it’s a matter of whisking the egg whites to meringue form and mixing it into the flour mixture. I made sure no air bubbles exist so I gave the tray a tap and smooth the flour mixture..

When it came out of the oven – it looked promising the surface was a little sandy – exactly what the recipe says..for the filling I decided to make a custard/whipped cream mixture and put in some fruits – following the recipe.. I think my custard was a little lumpy – might have split so when I combined with the whipped cream it had little tiny lumps. For the fruits I decided to use golden kiwi fruits and strawberries – the colours were beautiful…

I think I put way too much of the custard/whipped cream mixture and had a feeling when I roll it up it was going to overfill 😦 I’m finding that the sponge is sticking to the baking paper I had on. But eventually I managed to roll it up with a few skins peeling off hehehehe…not sure why it did that maybe I didn’t cool it down completely and there was steam moisture…but I was still happy I managed to roll it up into a swiss roll shape..

as you can see bits and pieces of skin peel off….now it was time to cut a slice of end bits to see the inside of it…

turned out really well..was pretty proud of myself consider I failed on Jamie’s chocolate swiss roll recipe..this one is a winner – I just need to master the skills of not letting the skin peel off from baking paper…

The cake was nice and moist – everybody enjoyed it. Make sure you chill it in the fridge so that the custard/whipped cream mixture hardens up and that the swiss roll shape is set.

Almond cake from Santiago…

Published July 12, 2012 by Mary Jane

Okies, I continue searching through thermomix recipes for more easy desserts to make. This time I found a flourless cake – which I believe is more healthier option I suppose. The ingredients are pretty simple – blanched almonds, sugar, lemon peel, eggs and milk. So I didn’t have any blanched almonds so went to coles and could only locate them in the organic section – quite expensive for a little packet of blanched almonds. Oh well, hopefully it’s worth it. So I whip out my thermie and started grinding the blanched the almonds..

Then it is time to mill the sugar into icing sugar – I love this step – it all become smokey and it’s something that you will see from Heston’s show – Pandabear shouted ‘what’s that coming out from thermie!!” I said icing sugar smoke hehehehe…

Then it was time to mix the lemon peel with the icing sugar – and the recipe asks me to save some for dusting later on…I love the smell of lemon – so fresh and tangy..

Then it was time to mix all the other ingredients together (the so called wet ingredients)

The mixture looks pretty liquidy I was start to wonder whether the mixture will actually work consider there’s no flour…

Thankfully the whole liquidy mixture fits right into my shallow pie pan. It looks rather pale so I chucked it into the oven for around 25 minutes. When I took the almond cake out I noticed the top was rather soft and brown in colour…

It was time to wait for the almond cake to cool down…to be honest it looks nothing like the picture in the recipe book…

It was time to slice the almond cake to see what it looks like inside…and dust it with some icing sugar

The insides looks crumbly but it was a little pale in colour. Time to try a was still slightly warm..

To be honest the flavour of the almond cake tasted quite nice – you could taste the lemon peel and almond. But I must admit – it’s very crumbly if I was to make it next time I’ll mill the almonds a little finer. Pandabear said it’s nice but too much nuts…I told him that’s because it’s a flourless cake (no flour just blanched almonds)..Mum took some home cos she quite like the cake..

Profiterole with custard filling and chocolate sauce topping

Published July 4, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys,

Over the weekend – I really wanted to try making profiteroles, haven’t made it for ages and wanted to try making it using thermie (in case you guys don’t know it’s my gadget thermomix) so I found this easy choux pastry recipe in thermomix cook book and there was also recipes for custard and chocolate sauce so it was time to whip this up…

I made the custard first so that I could cool it down in time for piping 🙂 I made a vanilla flavour one and it was quite easy to make…

I started making the choux pastry..

plain flour, butter, eggs, some water and heat it up and wait for it to cool down..

Then it was time to pipe these into little profiteroles, I don’t usually like piping cos of the pain of doing all the washing up but fortunately I had some disposable piping bags which means after I finish piping I could just chuck them away and no washing is involved – yay 🙂

The recipe said it’ll make 18 profiteroles I think I made mine smaller and made around 25.

I was pretty happy with the outcome of my profiteroles – they are nice and puffed up and I did kept them in the oven to dry the inside out by leaving them inside the oven with temperature turned off for 10 minutes.

Then it was time to wait for the profiteroles to cool down and use a small knife to drill a small hole and pipe the custard into it 🙂

I was very generous with my custard and the little profiteroles was oozing out with lots of custard…now it was time to make the chocolate sauce – I had some nice quality dark Lyndtt chocolate…

Time to serve it onto a plate and top my cute profiteroles with some delicious chocolate sauce..

It was delicious not too sweet and the custard was nice and smooth and goes really well with dark chocolate sauce I made it for my family and my two nieces absolutely loved it…the recipe suggested serving the profiteroles with vanilla icecream..I didn’t have any icecream at home so custard works just as well 🙂

Hazelnut Torte

Published June 28, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys,

As I’ve mentioned earlier that over the weekends I have baked two desserts – one is the hazelnut torte and the other one is apple pie. So the hazelnut torte is made from thermomix recipe so it’s time to use my thermie. The recipe seemed simple enough consists of packet of hazelnuts, corn flour, plain flour, sugar, baking powder and eggs. There’s no butter! So it’s got to be relatively healthy (you would hope so). The recipe also mentioned once you’ve made the torte you can make the coppadel nonno (coffee or vanilla cream) sounds nice. So I chuck everything into thermie and insert the butterfly into thermie to whip up the egg whites. I’ve had instances where the egg whites didn’t work out when I was using thermie but I forgot to insert the butterfly. Here it is..

The beaten egg white turned out really well..then it’s a matter of mixing the hazel nut mixture with the egg whites with folding action.

Then it’s time to bake the torte…

Surprisingly the cake turned out really well very moist and tall – good enough for me to layer it in 3 layers. At least when I took the skewers to poke it to make sure it’s cooked, it wasn’t completely cooked I had it in the oven for 45 minutes and then left it in for a further 5 minutes.. and it was perfect!

Then it was time to make the coppadel nonno coffee cream – I’m not really a coffee person but I suppose coffee goes well with hazelnut. So yeah I thought I’ll try it anyways..

Even though there wasn’t any butter in the cake but there was lots of fresh cream in the coppadel nnonno coffee cream. It was time to slice the cake in layers and fill them with the coffee cream goodness.

after layering all the coffee cream it was time to cover the whole cake with coffee cream – I still had so much coffee cream left….so I kept a small container worth of it for waffles..

The coffee cream makes the cake look really shiny and the recipe ask to put desiccated coconuts around the whole cake. I thought to myself why coconut? Oh well…

moment of truth to slice it in half and see whether there are layers or not…

I didn’t go super crazy with layering the cream in the centre just enough so it doesn’t explode. Anyways…gave half of the cake to mum and some to dad and others…

overall, the cake was nice and moist full of hazelnut taste and the taste of dessicated coconut goes really well with the cake. But yeah, when Pandabear had it he said it would have been 10/10 except for the dessicated coconut which sort of ruin the taste – or overpowering…anyways, he decorated the cake with some peanut chocolate m&ms..

The cake was a success..I’ll probably bake it again some other time…

Home made apple pie

Published June 26, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, okies as I’ve mentioned earlier I baked two desserts over the weekend. Hazelnut torte and an apple pie. I had some short crust pastry left in the freezer and bought some puff pastry for the beef wellington. So I went online to search for the easy apple pie recipe I made. This time, I’m not going to make the pastry from scratch and going to take the easy way out of using the pre-made pastries.

I have so many apples left from lite and easy that I could just use them all. The recipe requires 8 apples but I only have 6 apples left (doh!) so I knew it was going to be a skimpy apple pie with not much filling. So what I need to do is core the apple (I love my apple corer, got some from ikea) and it cuts the apple into perfect 8’s. Then slowly cook them in a pot with sugar, butter, ground cinnamon and gloves until they caramelised. In order to prevent the apples from turning brown splash in some lemon juice first as well..

Then I realised wow it’s shrunk so much…houston we have a problem….I don’t even know whether it’ll turned out to be an apple pie or an apple flat…now it’s time to bake the pastry – poke the pastry with a fork..

Layering them with my apple mixture (please ensure you cool down the apple mixture otherwise it’ll melt your pastry..

Then it’s time for some craftmanship by cutting the puff pastries into strips and layering them into lattice..

and then just use a pastry brush and brush the pasty with some egg wash and bake it in the oven, I baked for around 30-40 minutes as the apple mixture was already cooked and the pastry shouldn’t take too long cooking it..

I think because there wasn’t much apples in my pot it resulted in loads of liquid/sauce but that’s ok, I like my apple pie nice and moist and it came out really nice with the lattice pattern. Even though there wasn’t much apple mixture the apple pie still tasted really nice…