Swiss Roll

Published August 22, 2012 by Mary Jane

Okies, I’ve tried and failed on one of Jamie’s chocolate swiss roll recipe – even though we made it twice with my sister in law. This time, I’ve taken this recipe from Carol’s food blog. I decided to give it a shot. The thing I like about Carol’s recipe book is there’s a step by step photo of each process that way you sort or know whether you are doing right or wrong. So the mixture is very similar to a sponge mixture where there’s loads of eggs and it’s a matter of whisking the egg whites to meringue form and mixing it into the flour mixture. I made sure no air bubbles exist so I gave the tray a tap and smooth the flour mixture..

When it came out of the oven – it looked promising the surface was a little sandy – exactly what the recipe says..for the filling I decided to make a custard/whipped cream mixture and put in some fruits – following the recipe.. I think my custard was a little lumpy – might have split so when I combined with the whipped cream it had little tiny lumps. For the fruits I decided to use golden kiwi fruits and strawberries – the colours were beautiful…

I think I put way too much of the custard/whipped cream mixture and had a feeling when I roll it up it was going to overfill 😦 I’m finding that the sponge is sticking to the baking paper I had on. But eventually I managed to roll it up with a few skins peeling off hehehehe…not sure why it did that maybe I didn’t cool it down completely and there was steam moisture…but I was still happy I managed to roll it up into a swiss roll shape..

as you can see bits and pieces of skin peel off….now it was time to cut a slice of end bits to see the inside of it…

turned out really well..was pretty proud of myself consider I failed on Jamie’s chocolate swiss roll recipe..this one is a winner – I just need to master the skills of not letting the skin peel off from baking paper…

The cake was nice and moist – everybody enjoyed it. Make sure you chill it in the fridge so that the custard/whipped cream mixture hardens up and that the swiss roll shape is set.


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