Boston Pie…

Published August 23, 2012 by Mary Jane

Time for another recipe from Carol’s blog challenge. I came across this cake one night and thought mmmm…Boston pie?? But it actually looks like a cake instead. So I was quite interested in trying out this recipe. It reminds me of a sponge recipe. Beating lots of eggs and mixing with flour mixture. I decided to bake at one night and since I had some strawberries and whipped cream I may as well put the strawberry fillings in. The original recipe only has whipped cream. So after baking in the oven, the recipe said to flip it upside down similar to when you bake chiffon cake. Since I baked it in a round tin when I flipped it upside down onto the wire to cool down it made some lines on top of the cake…but it actually looks quite good. I cut the cake into 3 layers and fill them with strawberry and cream…

The cake was so moist and fluffy – I was very happy with the turn out of the cake…time to slice it open and have a good look.

Then it was time to have a slice…

To be honest – it tasted like a sponge cake with only that it’s rather moist. The recipe asks to chill it inside the fridge. I was thinking if I chilled this cake it might taste quite dry after a few days but surprisingly – it was really moist – so this cake is definitely a winner. Very easy to bake and tasted really well.


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