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Sponge biscuits

Published August 24, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, finally it’s friday – yay 🙂 anyways, one night I felt like baking and wanted to bake some sort of biscuits and came across this cute sponge biscuits from Carol’s blog recipe book. It’s little round sponge biscuits – seems easy enough to do…except I need to pipe the round shape of biscuits though. It kinda reminds me of last time when I tried to make cat tongue biscuits and failed but I’m determined to give this a shot. So I started beating egg whites and flour mixture – the ingredients were pretty simple…the only hard part was piping – why? Cos I couldn’t find my large round nozzles instead I just use the piping bag and locks in the round ring (My brain tells me this might actually works)…

The end results was – well, I ended up with odd round shaped biscuits hehehehehe. The ring attached to the piping bag was a little large hence when I tried to squeeze piping mixture onto the baking paper – it squirts out more than it should have. So some of them appears to be a little on the oval shape. Also there was a little bit of pointy top too 😛

Then it was time to make the butter icing mixture. mmmm….well, I didn’t have any icing sugar at home so I decided to use normal sugar which probably isn’t a good idea. Cos I know when I’m mixing the sugar into the mixture it will not be smooth but grainy..but I was willing to take the risk – as I thought well, I’ll let my sponge biscuits cool down a little to the point that it’s still able to melt the butter icing mixture…I made a small batch of it..

Anyways it was time to assemble them together…odd shape sponge biscuits – they actually tasted quite nice – soft and spongy as expected…I gave some to Pandabear who said it was an unusual biscuit!! hahahaha….but I liked them…and kept some in the container for the next day. To my surprise it actually tasted better the next day – even more spongier and soft (if that’s even a word at all).

Anyways, maybe next time I’ll try it by piping it properly….