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Maybe it’s time to move on…

Published August 27, 2012 by Mary Jane

Okies…I’ve been getting these warnings about “Howdy! Looks like you have used 3.0 GB of your 3.0 GB upload limit (99%)” from wordpress and perhaps it’s time to move onto another blog space without me purchasing more space. Time flies, I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for 2 years already. It started back in January 2010 – when I was really excited about documenting about my culinary journey and traveling adventure and it has since transformed into a lifestyle blog. On and off I have been absent from blogging due to health reasons but have managed to pick it up from time to time. At times I have thought it was rather time consuming to blog but have managed to continue on. Anyways, I haven’t decided whether I will take a break from blogging or move on to another blog space yet….


Blog Insight

Published May 4, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, Hope this post finds you all very well. It’s started to rain in Perth these days…anyways, what’s happening in my world at the moment. Well, I’m still doing Japanese classes on saturdays and afterwards I have my piano lesson. I have decided to finish off with Japanese classes for semester one and put it on hold for semester two as it’s just too hard juggling between studying and learning piano and it takes up so much time of my weekend time.

Pandabear is still down with his horrible gastro bug – I kept telling him to go and see the GP which he refuse and believe it’ll go away eventually. Men!! I have recently purchased a belgian waffle machine and a little cake turner online from Amazon (I’m excited cos I love my kitchen gadgets) 🙂 I’m also getting my braces in a couple of weeks – which I will do a huge post on….(I’m really scared…but I’m sure it’ll all worth it in the end)

Health wise, I managed to hurt my right leg/knee after stacking off some stairs – yes Me very clumsy!! So in the mean time I’ve stopped cycling until my leg heals 😦 Mental health wise – I’m finally off all the happy vitamins from the Doc…hooray – no more meds in the mean time but I still have to regular see him once a month (boo!) just to make sure I’m functioning ok…

Well, other than that I’m still trying hard to fit in some baking time with Carol’s blog baking challenge…

Okies, take care everyone and make sure you don’t hurt yourself like me! 🙂

Mid Life Crisis??

Published February 22, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy readers…most of you would have noticed by now I have been very slack in uploading any photos. Sorry 😦 I guess the novelty of blogging has worn out on me. But I’ll still try my best to update from time to time. Okies why this post’s subject is mid life crisis?? Well, I’m finding myself wanting to join up things and do things that I absolutely have no time for. For instance, I joined myself up for Japanese course that runs every Saturday for 4.5hours – which basically takes up most of my Saturdays and now I’m looking into investing myself into a digital piano so that I can learn piano. I’m in the hunt for piano teacher…I think I’m going through a phase of mid life crisis…

I know I really shouldn’t overload myself with all these random commitments but it’s something that I really want to pick up and I guess now is the right time…I’m still enjoying gardening (growing fresh fruits, vegies and herbs) but there’s just something missing – musical 🙂 I’ve always admire people who can just read musical notes and play the piano. It’s just so graceful and so um…cool to be able to play the piano…I guess it’s never too late to learn things it’ll probably help me with choir as well 🙂 Since I have friday off, I’m planning to check out the keyboard. I found a nice piano teacher on gum tree and he has given me some tips on what to buy. I shall let you know how I go 🙂

take care bloggy readers…

Happy Valentine’s Day

Published February 14, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, hope this post finds you all well. I haven’t had the time to write lately. For those who celebrates valentine’s day – Happy Valentines day. Pandabear and I don’t celebrate Valentines day, but I’ll cook him a nice meal tonight. What’s been happening around my world. Well, I’ve started my Japanese course which was really fun. But man, 4 hours of sitting in class is a huge commitment on Saturdays considering that I’m always short for time. Anyways, Pandabear’s mum been admitted to ICU last week, so it’s been a difficult week for the family. But Thank God, she’s slowly recovering… Baking wise – haven’t had much time to bake but with my new addition to the family – Thermomix named Thermie I’ve been wanting to try out different recipes…Anyways, will update and let you know how it’s going…

My vegie garden patch is doing really well – though I reckon I need to put more manure into the garden. I’ve just harvested 4 snake beans. I love them – they’re delicious different to the usual green beans – they are crunchy and I eat them raw. Pandabear thinks I’m crazy eating them raw but I just love them so fresh and sweet. My herbs are doing really well, I haven’t been using them much and others are slowly getting there 🙂 Anyways, I’ve been thinking of tidying up the garden abit cos it’s looking a little messy. Maybe I’ll do that today since I finish work early.

Jamie’s cook book challenge is on hold..haven’t got the time and my spiritual walk (Quiet time) – I’ve been listening to Jim Berg’s series of Quieting a Noisy Soul sermons. It’s really great, I listen to it nearly every day but I need to go back to my bible reading more regularly.

Weight wise – I’ve been constantly gaining weight 😦 It’s bad, it’s too hot to exercise so I’ve decided no more excuses I’m going to wake up early in the morning (6am!) and go for a bike ride around the foreshore area. It requires great determination but it’s easier than doing exercise after work. So far – it’s day 2 challenge for me…I need to lose at least 5kg before I go on my holidays. I’m really excited – haven’t been back to Taiwan for nearly 3 years. This time I’ll be going to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan. I’ve had to get rid of Japan cos we physically can’t fit them in. So there will be a separate trip for Japan next time 🙂

Okies, so that’s whats happening around my world at the moment…

take care Bloggy readers…till next time…

What’s happening lately…

Published November 23, 2011 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, sorry haven’t been blogging lately…anyways, what’s happening around my world. Busy as usual…finally Pandabear and I have settled into our new den. We’ve got the canvas photos up on our walls and I’ve bought a nice red vase with some fake flowers and yup, that’s it…it’s our new home 🙂 This weekend, we’re having a house warming with our uni friends and the following weekend we’ll have another house warming for our church friends…we’ll be all house warming out by then hehehehe 🙂

Anyways, baking wise – I’m still baking just haven’t had the time and energy to post them up. Red velvet cupcakes, Pandabear said they were really nice so might consider making them for Christmas 🙂 Oh, I forgot to mention that I’ve been doing this evening course which my doc has recommended to help me cope better with stress (yes, sometimes I’m just like a stress ball when times get tough 😦 ) Thank goodness it’s only on Tuesdays/Thursdays nights after work and this thursday will be my last day for the course – hooray I made it 🙂 so to reward myself, I will go to a nice relaxing massage. My mate Audrey has recommended me this massage that does walk ins so you can ring up anytime and go in any time it’s great and the girls are Korean/Japanese very friendly and very good at massage 🙂

Not that I’m counting down but I have less than 4 weeks of work left (hooray!) and it’s Christmas shut down. This year Pandabear and I have volunteered to have a family christmas dinner at our new place so we’ll be pretty busy in December 🙂 Time to set some new years resolution for 2012…scary…today is Pandabear’s birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We’ve had an early celebration dinner at the Loosebox and the degustation was fantastic…when I have time I shall upload some photos to show you guys..

On a sad note, Pandabear’s mum had to be readmitted back to the hospital as her cancer cells have came back 😦 so she’ll have to go through some chemo treatment. My mummy is still in Overseas cos my grandma is unwell. For some strange reason everyone around me seemed to be unwell lately…it just makes you think about the importance of spending time with your family and close friends when ever you can as sickness can fall upon anyone

Blog insight

Published November 8, 2011 by Mary Jane

Hello Blogger friends, it’s been so long since I last update my blog. Special thanks to those who are still checking on my blog post. Alot of things have happened this year – challenging things and also lack of motivation and time so I have not bothered to update my blog 😦 Well, what’s happening in my life at the moment. I’ve moved to a new house and started slowly decorating my new place (that was stressful). Gone back to work full-time – still at the same job. Cooking and baking wise, I’m terribly behind with Jamie’s cook book challenge however – I have since pick up my baking and baked an apple pie for my girl friends when they were over my place the other day 🙂

Pandabear is doing fine, he’s still working hard now that we have a bigger home. Well, I can’t believe this year is coming to an end…it’s a scary thought. But I’m ready to put this year behind me 🙂 I’ve also started this 4 week evening course which takes up 2 days of the week which makes me very tired too! Plans for next year (2012) – March/April traveling overseas and Iam thinking of going back to study (yes! I’m mad!!) – just a language course to brush up my Japanese 🙂 but we shall see.

Regarding my business venture with my mate Jon, I have put that on hold – Jon is super busy with his photography business and as for me, I need to find time to continue with this business idea…we shall see what happens in the new year.

Even though I won’t be updating my blog as much – I will try to find time to update from time to time 🙂

take care everyone and Christmas is just around the corner!

Blog Insight

Published April 4, 2011 by Mary Jane

Morning People, hope this post finds you all well 🙂 I had another hectic weekend again. I do struggle to have a nice quiet weekend and despite having cut down my work hours to 4 days a week – I find myself even more busier with things to catch up and do. Oh well, I’ll eventually get there. So sorry, I haven’t been posting as regularly as I should be. Well, what’s happening over my world, tomorrow is Pandabear and our 3 year wedding anniversary we have booked ourselves in for a nice degustation dinner at Amuse – I’m really looking forward to it as I haven’t had degustation in Perth for a long time and apparently the reviews for this particular restaurant is fantastic so I’m looking forward to tasting their dishes and I’ll definitely do a post later on as well 🙂

Apart from everything else we are quite behind for our daily walk reading but we’re trying to get back on track so I can also do some blog post on the progress of our reading and what lessons we’ve learnt from our daily devotions…besides all the mad things that’s been happening lately, juggling between church ministries, work, family, cooking, meeting up with accountant/mortgage mob etc I’ve had to postpone my meeting with my mate Jon again regarding planning for our business venture/ideas. I feel alittle bad, but fortunately Jon understands I’m just a little under the pump at the moment and he is very understanding and often reminds me not to get too busy with other things in my life. So yes, hopefully this Friday I’ll be able to sit down with him and go through the initial planning stage – I shall keep you guys in the loop 🙂

My vegie patch is doing quite well. Apart from my basil and corianders which are dying – everything else is growing quite well – I’ll be doing another blog post and probably one of these days I’ll be able to harvest my rocket and lettuce soon 🙂