Winter melon tea

Published July 17, 2012 by Mary Jane

While I was on holidays back in Taiwan I had the opportunity of visiting TaiNan – South of Taiwan. I’ve never been to TaiNan before. Mum’s cousin lives there so we decided to pay her a visit. My Auntie took us to various places in TaiNan and she took us to one of the famous spot that sells winter melon tea. I love winter melon tea – nicely fragrant not too sweet just right. It was a little store that only sells winter melon tea. I was very surprised that it already had queues of people. The drinks must be awesome. You could add various flavours to it – like lemon, comquat, honey etc..I opt for the original flavour. I love the original flavour. The drink was huge for something that cost like $2.50. It was very yummy.

So now back to Aussie land, there isn’t any stores that specialises in this drink. One day when I was grocery shopping in Emma Seafood (Oriental joint in Northbridge) came across a block of winter melon tea made in Taiwan. I knew I had to get it to try and make my own winter melon tea.

It was really easy, just put the winter melon tea block inside a large pot of boiling water and boil it until the block dissolves and voila you have a lovely fragrant winter melon tea. Then it is time to bottle them up. I made 5 bottles worth of winter melon tea and gave some away to my family 🙂 It was lovely just like the ones I drank from Tainan..would definitely make more again…


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