Almond cake from Santiago…

Published July 12, 2012 by Mary Jane

Okies, I continue searching through thermomix recipes for more easy desserts to make. This time I found a flourless cake – which I believe is more healthier option I suppose. The ingredients are pretty simple – blanched almonds, sugar, lemon peel, eggs and milk. So I didn’t have any blanched almonds so went to coles and could only locate them in the organic section – quite expensive for a little packet of blanched almonds. Oh well, hopefully it’s worth it. So I whip out my thermie and started grinding the blanched the almonds..

Then it is time to mill the sugar into icing sugar – I love this step – it all become smokey and it’s something that you will see from Heston’s show – Pandabear shouted ‘what’s that coming out from thermie!!” I said icing sugar smoke hehehehe…

Then it was time to mix the lemon peel with the icing sugar – and the recipe asks me to save some for dusting later on…I love the smell of lemon – so fresh and tangy..

Then it was time to mix all the other ingredients together (the so called wet ingredients)

The mixture looks pretty liquidy I was start to wonder whether the mixture will actually work consider there’s no flour…

Thankfully the whole liquidy mixture fits right into my shallow pie pan. It looks rather pale so I chucked it into the oven for around 25 minutes. When I took the almond cake out I noticed the top was rather soft and brown in colour…

It was time to wait for the almond cake to cool down…to be honest it looks nothing like the picture in the recipe book…

It was time to slice the almond cake to see what it looks like inside…and dust it with some icing sugar

The insides looks crumbly but it was a little pale in colour. Time to try a was still slightly warm..

To be honest the flavour of the almond cake tasted quite nice – you could taste the lemon peel and almond. But I must admit – it’s very crumbly if I was to make it next time I’ll mill the almonds a little finer. Pandabear said it’s nice but too much nuts…I told him that’s because it’s a flourless cake (no flour just blanched almonds)..Mum took some home cos she quite like the cake..

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