French night – Beef Bourguignon

Published July 10, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, I’ve had a nice monday off from work – it turned out to be a very busy day for me with two of my appointments and sorting out stuff for mummy. But at least it was a productive day rather than lying in my bed feeling sorry for myself with this dreadful cold..anyways, on saturday night I wanted to make something french so decided to go online to look for a french easy recipe..came across beef bourguignon…comfort food just nice for the weekend and winter time…and wow 1/2 bottle of red wine….I’ve never made this dish before so it was exciting…I had the massage appointment booked at 6pm so I made sure that I throw everything into my slow cooker otherwise Pandabear would have no clues on how to look after it..

The ingredients seemed simple enough just bought a 1kg of chuck steak, carrots, celery, bay leaves, thyme, bacon, red wine, mushrooms and some corn flour.

First up was to sear the beef chuck…

then it was time to stir fry the vegies with the beef juice for about 8 minutes

Then, I decided to add the bacon in – the recipe asks for specks but I only had bacon slices and thought it would give that nice flavour if I put them in..

Then it was time to chuck everything into the slow cooker – beef first with bay leaves and thymes..

Then it was time to chuck in the rest of the vegies in…

Then it was time to put in 1/2 bottle of my good red wine which I bought from margaret river and some beef stock…I kinda of didn’t stick to the recipe just use my instinct of how much to add..and throw in some pickled onions…

Then I use thermie to whip up the mash potato – this will go really well with my beef bourguignon….I left the beef bourguignon inside the slow cooker for 1.5 hours just enough time to come back after my appointment and I must admit the smell of the whole house is fabulous….red wine and the aroma of the beef chuck…and then it was time to throw in the mushrooms…on the hind side I should have set the temperature to high cos the beef wasn’t exactly falling apart…so it needed another 1/2 hour..

Voila here’s the dish…

The acidity of the wine was still quite strong…so I might have got carried away when I was throwing some red wine in…but yeah it tasted fantastic! Comfort food….


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