Restaurant Review – Rifo’s cafe

Published July 8, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hello guys,

Hope this post finds you all well anyways, I’m still down with a bad cold. Over the weekend, I managed to bake an almond cake will do a post soon πŸ™‚ So I haven’t done a restaurant review for a while. Rifo’s cafe is a nice Italian joint that sells lovely pizzas and pastas and their to die for chilli mussels. So since my cousin was over in Perth for a short holiday it was time to pay Rifo’s cafe a visit again… Rifo’s cafe is situated in East Vic Park and it’s a casual joint. We made sure we get there on time around 6.30pm to make sure we get our food on time since our last experience from previous Italian joint. Especially this time we have kids with us and you know what happens when kids get hungry they get restless and chuck a tantrum!!

So I made sure I placed an order straight away – 3 pizzas and 3 pastas and a chilli mussels. Pastas – carbonara, penne vodka and duck ravioli. Pizzas were Rifo’s cafe special, Hawaiian and a vegetarian pumpkin and cheese. Ofcourse we had to order their special Chilli mussels.

The restaurant decor was quite casual, nice bold red colours with specials written on the wall and the kitchen is situated on the side of the restaurant with a head chef (yup there’s only one chef), a pizza chef and I believe a kitchen hand..that’s it!! I couldn’t believe it and I was thinking to myself no!! We’re going to be waiting for a while..Anyways, I had my orders in and slowly customers were roaming in. The waitress were quite friendly except I had to grab their attention to order…

We waited for at least 30 minutes and they started giving us bread and butter and then our pizza started to arrive hooray!! The presentation was excellent – generous, fresh, beautiful colours and you can actually see the are the food photos..

Overall, we were quite happy with our meals – sorry left the pumpkin pizza photo out..the chilli mussels were a winner – very saucy has a bit of a chilli kick to it…the duck ravioli was a little disappointing the ravioli was a little tad rubbery for my liking but the rest of the pastas were all gone so we still had some duck ravioli left.

here’s my overall rating:
Dining experience: 3.5 star
Food experience: 4 star
Would I recommend it? Yes! A lovely casual joint for pizzas and pastas πŸ™‚


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