Lite and easy meals…

Published July 6, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, hope this post finds everyone well…I’m still down with this dreadful cold and the cold mornings isn’t helping either 😦 Well, how I’m going with Lite and easy..not too good…I’m finding that I’m still hungry after dinner time so have been cheating the system and snacking 😦 weight wise I haven’t lost any weight but I’m sure it’s due to the extra snacks I’ve been taking..

I have been putting an extra effort in taking photos of dinner meals – as they have more variety. I have stopped purchasing the breakfast menu as I thought I could do it myself. So I’m currently sticking to lunch and dinner orders..

Here’s the meals I’ve had so far..

Lunch was the beef burger – most of the burgers from lite and easy tasted pretty good – I must admit they are abit tiny for my liking…

The special lasagne was delicious – nicely balanced with carrots, beans and cauliflower – but I think in terms of servings I would prefer more of lasagne and less of vegies hehehehe but that’s just me 🙂

I really enjoyed the roast chicken meal it had lots of vegetables – pumpkin, peas, cauliflower and potatoes. I even found a small stuffing hehehehe…I would have preferred more chicken though. The chicken piece was a chicken thigh and it was nice and moist..

The Malay beef curry was really nice – had nice flavours – beef was tender and I loved the vegetables that came with it – pumpkin and onions. I would definitely order this again..I love rice wanted more…but yeah…

Okies, now this chicken enchilada reminds me of the beans vegetarian tortillas I had before which had way too much beans in them. But this chicken enchilada had a good balance of vegies and chicken pieces. So I really enjoyed it very much.

The meatloaf was a hit and miss for me….I’ve never had meatloaf from Jenny craig and thought that I’ll try the lite and easy meat loaf…and I was really disappointed the meat loaf tasted like something close to a dog food – not that I’ve ever tasted dog food…but the smell was so overpowering that Pandabear said ‘what is that food – it stinks!!’ Yup, that’s the only way to describe it…thankfully they had some mash and peas so I could just scoff it down with the meatloaf.

Had this chicken green curry with rice for lunch and it was really nice….I’m finding their curries are really tasty so wouldn’t mind trying their other curries…

Chicken dijon with rice was really lovely too..very saucy and it did fill me up…would definitely order this one again too..

Overall, I am satisfied with lite and easy dinner meals the only thing I have to add is that by about 9.30pm I get hungry and have to go into the cupboard or fridge to search for some snack…so I don’t know whether it’s a winter time thing or not. Anyways, I might stop ordering lite and easy soon since I’m still eating two meals at night (should I say for supper) and I haven’t lost any weight yet…I need to start picking up with my cycling again soon..


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