Profiterole with custard filling and chocolate sauce topping

Published July 4, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys,

Over the weekend – I really wanted to try making profiteroles, haven’t made it for ages and wanted to try making it using thermie (in case you guys don’t know it’s my gadget thermomix) so I found this easy choux pastry recipe in thermomix cook book and there was also recipes for custard and chocolate sauce so it was time to whip this up…

I made the custard first so that I could cool it down in time for piping 🙂 I made a vanilla flavour one and it was quite easy to make…

I started making the choux pastry..

plain flour, butter, eggs, some water and heat it up and wait for it to cool down..

Then it was time to pipe these into little profiteroles, I don’t usually like piping cos of the pain of doing all the washing up but fortunately I had some disposable piping bags which means after I finish piping I could just chuck them away and no washing is involved – yay 🙂

The recipe said it’ll make 18 profiteroles I think I made mine smaller and made around 25.

I was pretty happy with the outcome of my profiteroles – they are nice and puffed up and I did kept them in the oven to dry the inside out by leaving them inside the oven with temperature turned off for 10 minutes.

Then it was time to wait for the profiteroles to cool down and use a small knife to drill a small hole and pipe the custard into it 🙂

I was very generous with my custard and the little profiteroles was oozing out with lots of custard…now it was time to make the chocolate sauce – I had some nice quality dark Lyndtt chocolate…

Time to serve it onto a plate and top my cute profiteroles with some delicious chocolate sauce..

It was delicious not too sweet and the custard was nice and smooth and goes really well with dark chocolate sauce I made it for my family and my two nieces absolutely loved it…the recipe suggested serving the profiteroles with vanilla icecream..I didn’t have any icecream at home so custard works just as well 🙂


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