Braces update…new wires!!!

Published July 4, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hello Guys,

Anyways, hope this post finds you all well. So today I had to go back and see Dr K for my next stage of work on my braces. Recently it’s been aching towards the end of the day but I think cos it’s getting tighter with the wires and it’s putting pressure on my teeth 😦 I’ve unfortunately got the flu bug and have been down with this dreadful lurgy for about a week now – it’s progressed on to running nose and coughs. I manage to grab some cold and flu tablets and because it’s been hectic at work – I think I’m just fully exhausted by the end of the day….

Anyways, enough about my sickness and whinging so I went to see Dr K and surprisingly he checked through my mouth and asked how I was doing with my braces. I told him occasionally I get the aches and pains but he said it was normal…he made a comment “you’re cleaning your braces very well Maryann – well done”. I was thinking to myself..mmmm..actually I have been quite lazy with using the whole floss work on my braces some days I couldn’t be bothered to even use the floss but it was nice to have him commenting that I’m cleaning my braces very well hehehehe

So he called out a few technical names to his assistant something along the lines of extending the wires and putting new wires in…I was feeling rather scared I thought I was just getting my wires tighten..anyways, his assistant came to me and sat down and told me they’ll remove the old wires..time to upgrade the wires (what ever that means) and that I was going to feel very tender 😦 so she took the old ones out and put the new ones in. Straight away I could feel the tension around my teeth. Now it’s quite sore back to when I first got my wires…and Dr K said we’ll see you in 8 weeks time to expand your teeth more :-S The assistant did make a comment that my teeth is moving quite well – that’s a good thing I suppose…


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