Hazelnut Torte

Published June 28, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys,

As I’ve mentioned earlier that over the weekends I have baked two desserts – one is the hazelnut torte and the other one is apple pie. So the hazelnut torte is made from thermomix recipe so it’s time to use my thermie. The recipe seemed simple enough consists of packet of hazelnuts, corn flour, plain flour, sugar, baking powder and eggs. There’s no butter! So it’s got to be relatively healthy (you would hope so). The recipe also mentioned once you’ve made the torte you can make the coppadel nonno (coffee or vanilla cream) sounds nice. So I chuck everything into thermie and insert the butterfly into thermie to whip up the egg whites. I’ve had instances where the egg whites didn’t work out when I was using thermie but I forgot to insert the butterfly. Here it is..

The beaten egg white turned out really well..then it’s a matter of mixing the hazel nut mixture with the egg whites with folding action.

Then it’s time to bake the torte…

Surprisingly the cake turned out really well very moist and tall – good enough for me to layer it in 3 layers. At least when I took the skewers to poke it to make sure it’s cooked, it wasn’t completely cooked I had it in the oven for 45 minutes and then left it in for a further 5 minutes.. and it was perfect!

Then it was time to make the coppadel nonno coffee cream – I’m not really a coffee person but I suppose coffee goes well with hazelnut. So yeah I thought I’ll try it anyways..

Even though there wasn’t any butter in the cake but there was lots of fresh cream in the coppadel nnonno coffee cream. It was time to slice the cake in layers and fill them with the coffee cream goodness.

after layering all the coffee cream it was time to cover the whole cake with coffee cream – I still had so much coffee cream left….so I kept a small container worth of it for waffles..

The coffee cream makes the cake look really shiny and the recipe ask to put desiccated coconuts around the whole cake. I thought to myself why coconut? Oh well…

moment of truth to slice it in half and see whether there are layers or not…

I didn’t go super crazy with layering the cream in the centre just enough so it doesn’t explode. Anyways…gave half of the cake to mum and some to dad and others…

overall, the cake was nice and moist full of hazelnut taste and the taste of dessicated coconut goes really well with the cake. But yeah, when Pandabear had it he said it would have been 10/10 except for the dessicated coconut which sort of ruin the taste – or overpowering…anyways, he decorated the cake with some peanut chocolate m&ms..

The cake was a success..I’ll probably bake it again some other time…


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