Lite and easy dinners

Published June 27, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi guys, I thought I’ll quickly do up a post on the lite and easy dinners. Well, both Pandabear and I are finding that we are still hungry still after eating our dinners. I must admit the dinners are very yummy and it looks relatively big size compared to Jenny Craig but for some strange reason, we get hungry around 9.30pm. So I have been snacking still 😦 I have this breville eggo machine that does perfectly cooked soft or hard boiled eggs. It goes so well with soya sauce!! And if I’m still hungry after having an egg I will either toast a slice of bread or have it with some baked beans. I weighed myself last night haven’t lost anything…anyways, here are the two dinners I’ve had..

The meals were really nice, there was loads of gravy (I love gravy and sauces) and you can see the piece of pumpkin and lot’s of peas. I find most of Lite and easy’s frozen dinners usually comes with frozen carrots, green beans, corn or peas. Which in a way is good it ensure you have lots of vegies but it means the size of the meat is tiny 😦 There were only a few pieces of turkey breast and cos it’s cranberry sauce it was way too sweet for my liking…but I managed to eat it all anyways…it really didn’t fill me up and I was still hungry…

Then the other night I had the crumbed fish – I loved crumbed items – usually they are really good – even though it might be a little soggy but they still taste pretty good..and it usually gets served with carrots & peas and corns…

Overall, the meals are pretty tasty but they are not filling me up 😦



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