Home made apple pie

Published June 26, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, okies as I’ve mentioned earlier I baked two desserts over the weekend. Hazelnut torte and an apple pie. I had some short crust pastry left in the freezer and bought some puff pastry for the beef wellington. So I went online to search for the easy apple pie recipe I made. This time, I’m not going to make the pastry from scratch and going to take the easy way out of using the pre-made pastries.

I have so many apples left from lite and easy that I could just use them all. The recipe requires 8 apples but I only have 6 apples left (doh!) so I knew it was going to be a skimpy apple pie with not much filling. So what I need to do is core the apple (I love my apple corer, got some from ikea) and it cuts the apple into perfect 8’s. Then slowly cook them in a pot with sugar, butter, ground cinnamon and gloves until they caramelised. In order to prevent the apples from turning brown splash in some lemon juice first as well..

Then I realised wow it’s shrunk so much…houston we have a problem….I don’t even know whether it’ll turned out to be an apple pie or an apple flat…now it’s time to bake the pastry – poke the pastry with a fork..

Layering them with my apple mixture (please ensure you cool down the apple mixture otherwise it’ll melt your pastry..

Then it’s time for some craftmanship by cutting the puff pastries into strips and layering them into lattice..

and then just use a pastry brush and brush the pasty with some egg wash and bake it in the oven, I baked for around 30-40 minutes as the apple mixture was already cooked and the pastry shouldn’t take too long cooking it..

I think because there wasn’t much apples in my pot it resulted in loads of liquid/sauce but that’s ok, I like my apple pie nice and moist and it came out really nice with the lattice pattern. Even though there wasn’t much apple mixture the apple pie still tasted really nice…







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