Beef wellington night…

Published June 25, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, hope this post finds you well and that you’ve had a lovely weekend. Anyways, over the weekend I’ve decided to bake some goodies as I haven’t been baking lately and also on thursday night I was watching french safari and they made some beef wellington. I’ve never made beef wellington before and it looks delicious!! So on Saturday night I was very adventurous and bought the puff pastry and an expensive piece of beef fillet. I went online searching for the easiest beef wellington recipe and found one on taste as well as Gordon Ramsay’s recipe on fword. It seemed easy enough, mum came over for dinner and I told her I was going to make beef wellington for the first time…here’s the following photos on the outcome of it 🙂


here’s my expensive piece of beef fillet couldn’t find any beef fillet in Coles so went to a free range place and when he told me it was going to cost $38!! I was thinking to myself wow that’s expensive..but I bought it anyways..

Now is sealing the piece of fat beef fillet – my goodness it was a huge piece of fillet they didn’t have any other size so that was the only one I could get..mum was so worried that it’ll still be rare even after I oven bake it…

My whole house smelt like a beef house..the aroma was fantastic..I only seasoned with salt and pepper and the beef was very fresh…

next step was to blend the mushrooms and pan fry it, the french food safari said to use liver pate and truffles…I didn’t want to spend that much and Gordon’s recipe had mushrooms…

The mushroom mixture is very wet and perhaps I should have not put in some butter because it was so wet that I have to put it through a sieve. Anyways, next time I know….so I grab out a nice large cling film and some prosciutto ham and on top of it add the mushroom mixture and then add your meat.

Then roll it up tightly and rest in the fridge for 20 minutes..then I had the problem of wrapping it all up cos the meat was so big that there wasn’t enough mushroom or prosciutto mixture so I had to trim the fillet..

next step is to wrap it in a puff pastry and once again I didn’t have enough puff pastry for the huge size meat, so I had to cut more puff pastry to wrap it around..

next thing is to bake it in the oven for 20 minutes…make sure you brush it with egg wash for the crusty golden colour look…mum was so concerned it wouldn’t be cooked…make sure you score it with a knife as well so the steam can vent out..

It actually looked quite nice and now the moment of truth to cut it open….it needs to be relatively pink inside…

Mum was shocked when she saw the red piece of meat…so I assured her I will put it back to the oven for extra 5 minute so at least the outside is cooked relatively well…

I made some mash by thermie – it was nice and smooth, some olive oil asparagus and some red wine reduced sauce from beef stock, butter and left over juice from the meat….it was delicious..would definitely do it next time except will oven bake a smaller piece of beef fillet…





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