1 week with Lite and easy

Published June 21, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi guys, well – I have survived a week worth of Lite and easy…Pandabear and I have placed another weeks worth of food…last night I was really hungry even though I had my dinner already. So I cheated and had a little snack – a cup of milo and some dried squids…so here’s what I had this morning for brekkie – I was really excited cos it’s a brekkie wrap and I’ve never had it before..

I had so much tomatoes that when I put them together in a wrap I couldn’t fit the bacon and mushroom/spinach mixture so I just left it on the side..it was very delicious and filling I would definitely have this for brekkie again..

last night for dinner I had the steak and vegies with mushroom sauce it looked really good and I know the wedges was going to be soggy as when I used to have it with Jenny Craig it was like that…The flavour was quite nice however the steak was way too lean and fake for me…so I didn’t quite enjoy the steak. So probably won’t be ordering this one again.

Tonight I receive my next week’s worth of food and I’m looking forward to the new dinner menu hopefully they’ll taste better than the ones I have ordered last week…I sneakily weigh myself as well and according to the scale I have lost 0.5kg…but I’m not sure whether it’s just my weight fluctuating or whether it’s cos I was eating Lite and easy..it’s still early stages…



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