Lite and easy – Brekkie, lunch and dinner

Published June 20, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, hope this post finds you all well…it’s been so cold lately with the be honest I don’t really like the rain only when I’m napping inside my house then it’s ok but not when you have have to walk to catch the bus. Anyways, I’ve been feeling quite tired lately with some insomnia – waking up couple of times in the middle of the night (when I have too much on my mind) and couldn’t get back to sleep. Fortunately last night I decided it was time to go to the chemist and pick up some herbal supplements that’s able to give me a good night’s rest. Thank God last night I slept a little better. I’m always a little weary when I’m losing sleep as it’s plays an important part in my mental health 🙂

Anyways, here’s some of the food I’ve been eating for Lite and easy..

For lunch, I had a smoked beef burger with tomato relish when I looked at the round roll it was tiny and I thought to myself there’s no way it’s going to fill me up. Surprisingly it lasted me till dinner time 🙂

For dinner I had chicken schnitzel and yup as usual it tasted pretty nice – full of corn, peas, potatoes and carrots.

For last night’s dinner I had the tortilla stack and it was pretty nice except there was way too many beans and chick peas eventually I finished it off..I wanted to have some sort of meat in it….so next time I won’t be ordering this one…

Usually for morning tea or afternoon tea it either provides me with some muesli, fruit cups, and usual apple and orange. I have been avoiding eating fruits lately as it requires me chopping them up in tiny bits for my braces….

So, overall I manage to survive on 1200 calories worth of lite and easy..on the other hand Pandabear have been starving poor thing – I told him to up his calories to 1500 but he still didn’t do it…




One comment on “Lite and easy – Brekkie, lunch and dinner

  • In the past I’ve done a 1500 cal/day diet for a month. Combined with regular workout it was quite effective in changing my health for the better. But I don’t have the will power to continue doing that, especially when the company I work at sometimes provide us with free food when we work over time. How can anyone say no to free food ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

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