Day 1 – Lunch & dinner with Lite and easy

Published June 18, 2012 by Mary Jane

Okies, to continue on with my lite and easy lunch…so I looked at my menu and it was chicken tenders with salad 😦 I love chicken but not salad – I find that usually when I have salad for lunch I usually get really hungry by about 3.30pm. Anyways, it was a lemon, garlic vinegarette on beetroot, lettuce and carrot. I received 1.5 pieces of chicken inside a little packet and it’s asked me to microwave it for a minute. I thought to myself it’s not going to fill me up at all. Fortunately, I also have a rice pudding as well….

Surprisingly the salad was really fresh and tasty, apart from cutting up my pieces of chicken as it’s impossible for me to bite it with my braces. It actually filled me up and I didn’t even have to eat my rice pudding. So I kept it for afternoon tea. I was busy at work that day so when I got home around 5ish I was getting a little peckish so I heated up the rice pudding which says around a few minutes..

I must admit, when I looked at the rice pudding I was’s going to taste gluggy and yucky but amazingly it tasted really nice and creamy..but I must admit I was starting to get sick of it towards the last few bites..but it did fill me up…

So it was time for dinner – I went to the freezer as you’re able to choose any of the dinner meals I thought to myself since I had chicken for lunch I will have fish instead – fisherman’s pie for dinner.

Now I thought to myself this is a bigger serving than the ones I get from Jenny Craig – maybe cos of the packaging…

Now it was a huge serving. The fishermen’s pie was rather tasty – it’s got grated potatoes slices in between the fish and a crusty cheese top to give that special crunch. Definitely very tasty 🙂 and wow it did filled me up as quite happy with my first dinner meal. Pandabear had the soya chicken with rice and he thought it was only ok….I think from memory with Jenny Craig meals most of the Asian meals was average but the western meals are alot better I think it’ll be the same for Lite and easy as well..

So it’s a good start to the Lite and easy meals, over the weekends we ate normal food and I managed to do a 13.2km ride with Pandabear on sunday which nearly killed me 😦


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