Piano lesson

Published June 13, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, wow Perth has been getting really cold and stormy lately…hopefully everyone is keeping well. Okies, I did say that I was going to update from time to time of my piano lesson. I receive piano lesson from my piano teacher Eugene every Saturday afternoon for half an hour..it’s now extended to 45 minutes which works out well as he’s able to teach me more pieces. Where I’m up to…where I’ve started learning different chords – C, G major, D7 and other different ones and wow – I get confused between my right hand and left hand. It’s taken me a little while to finally get the hang of it. I’m still not very confident in reading musical notes and sometimes I’m tempted to write the numberings on them.

The pieces of songs that I’m up to is Alpine Melody, Waltz time and Beautiful brown eyes. These pieces are rather difficult for me cos I kept on stuffing it up around the same area but I’m slowly getting there…I think I have come to the point where I need to practice at least a few times per week instead of practicing an hour before Eugene comes. I’m really enjoying my piano lesson and now that I’m not continuing my Japanese studies for Semester Two it should hopefully give me more time to practice my piano (so I hope)


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