Published June 11, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys,

Hope this post finds you all well..Anyways how was everyone’s weekend? I found out that I have passed my Cert II Applied language in Japanese. So happy!! I have made a decision not to continue on for second semester as it was taking alot of my time on Saturdays and on top of it I have my piano lesson as well. So hopefully, I’ll have more time on Saturdays.

Anyways, on Saturday morning – I was craving for some pancakes, I love the pancakes from Maccas – they are so fluffy and it goes really well with maple syrup and butter. So I was flicking through the thermie recipe book and it seemed easy enough. They had a pikelets recipe. Does anyone know the difference between pancakes and pikelets? I thought they were the same thing..so the ingredients was pretty simple – plain flour, whipping cream, baking powder and sour milk (which I basically substitute one teaspoon of vinegar into my milk) and butter. Whipped them all up in thermie and there you have it my fresh pikelets batch…I managed to find a perfect size pan for my pancake as well…

Then I drizzle some maple syrup and it was delicious, I didn’t want to add anymore butter as it already had some butter in it…


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