Persimmons jam

Published June 7, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hello guys,

It’s been cold and wet lately….I don’t really like winter weather especially when you are catching bus to work. Anyways, my father in law bought me a box of persimmons – I love persimmons cos you don’t get to eat that kind of fruit every day. But unfortunately this batch is very ripe and even after I have gave some away to my mum I was still left with many of them. Pandabear only eats crunchy persimmons (he’s very fussy and refuse to eat anything that’s mushy). So instead of chucking these over ripe persimmons out, I decided to use thermie to make them into persimmons jams. I’ve never had the persimmons jams before now to make sure it’s not overly sweet, I decided to pour in some lemon juice to counteract the sweetness of persimmons. I’ve adopted the fig jam recipe and just reduce the amount of sugar…

I ran out of the glass jars, so I had put some into plastic bottles – which probably isn’t a good idea because the jam was so hot that it melted the little bottles. So now I have a large batch of persimmons jam. How do they taste like? Not too bad – a little thick compared to your usual strawberry jam but the flavouring is quite nice. I have a feeling that Pandabear isn’t going to try it cos it’s different…sorry didn’t manage to take the photos of what it looks like in a bottle…


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