My latest exercise gadget

Published June 7, 2012 by Mary Jane

Okies, as most of you know that Pandabear and I decided to purchase a bike together so we can cycle together. So how’s it going so far?? Not too good..I haven’t been cycling lately due to the cold wet rainy weather. Pandabear and I was thinking of purchasing some sort of indoor exercise bike or treadmill so that we can do some sort of exercise. My good mate Shirls said that she owns an indoor bike and it’s sitting at home doing nothing. So she was happy to give it to me for free, it was still in a good condition and I was happy to inherit it. So on monday night Pandabear and I went and picked up the bike and ever since I’ve started using it (either early in the morning when I get up early enough or at night while I’m watching my korean dramas). I’m really looking forward to starting lite and easy next week as I think I’m gaining weight again 😦

Here’s a picture of my indoor bike – called ‘Bikey’ 🙂


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