Restuarant Review – Grill’d (Hillarys)

Published June 6, 2012 by Mary Jane

On monday for lunch we decided to head to Hillarys for lunch. I haven’t been to Hillarys for a long time, it’s a lovely place to be with loads of little shops, restaurants and cafes and boats and amusement parks. It was a public holiday on monday so we were sure the place is going to be fully packed. We went with Pandabear’s family and since the siblings haven’t had Grill’d before, we decided to head to Grill’d for some nice lean burgers..

The Grill’d at Hillarys has a nice big seating area both indoors and outdoors. We manged to find a table indoors and it was pay and order your food at the counter. It was so hard deciding which burgers to get. There were six of us, I opt for the Wild Wild West burger – which had the lean beef pattie, beetroot, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, cheese, relish and lettuce. We decided to order their home made chips with three different dips – Chilli mayo, herb mayo and relish. It was on the entertainment voucher – buy one burger and get one free. I’m sure this joint is making loads of $$ it was packed with people and I’m pretty sure they pumped out at least a few hundred burgers that day. Here are the food photos, after you order your food they give you some beer tokens to donate to the charity of your choice – what a clever and thoughtful idea..

The size of the burger was humongers! It’s so huge that you have to cut it in half in order to bite into your burger. The chips was great, nice and crispy with rosemary herbs on it…and it goes really well with the dips as well. My favourite is the chilli mayo. Pandabear went for the boring Simply Grilld burger it’s basically same burger as mine minus the beetroot – he hates beetroot. I love my beetroot it gives that extra sweetness to your burger…The service was pretty good, even though it was packed I think we waited for about 15 minutes and most of our burgers arrived’s my rating:

Dining experience: 3.5 star
Food experience: 4 star
would I recommend it? Yes, it’s a little pricey for a burger around $15 and if you order chips our bill came to ($85 and that’s with entertainment voucher as well!)



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