Soft toy collections

Published May 29, 2012 by Mary Jane

Okies, most of you know that I have a super soft spot for soft toys – any soft toys that are cute and cuddly so one day I was talking to my colleague and she said she was clearing her toys out and was going to chuck them – I jumped into the conversation and said “don’t chuck them just give them to me!!” I found out that most of her ‘to chuck’ bears were winnie the pooh bears. I have no winnie the pooh bears at home so I was keen to adopt some. So she brought in first two winnie the pooh bears and they were so cute…

Then she said there was more and she was going to bring all of them in a bag…

I got to work one morning and there was like a huge bag with heaps of winnie the pooh bears in it 🙂 I was thinking to myself Pandabear is going to be faint when he sees these bears…they were so cute – all sorts of sizes..

I love the cute white one – I’ve never seen a white winnie the pooh bear before…they are now happily sitting in two of our bedrooms at home away from Pandabear’s space hehehehe…

Now I have a big collection of winnie the pooh bears…


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