Braces fitted…

Published May 21, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys,

I’ve finally had my braces fitted in last Wednesday. I was told it was going to take around 45 minutes to get my braces fitted. When I arrived I was escorted to the rooms with many chairs and a nice Orthodontist came around and sat down to explain what she’ll be doing. She pulled out my plasticky separators and realised that one has fell out (oops, I didn’t even notice) so she tried to put two molar rings into my upper teeth and she said there were all different sizes of molar rings it’s a matter of trying all of them to find the right size. So eventually she managed to fit two and then she took them off saying it’s very tight so she decided that when I come back for a check up after a week she’ll put them on that way I can be adjusted to wearing my braces and it wouldn’t be too painful for me.

Okies, how does it feel? It feels awkward when it was fitted into my mouth surprisingly there’s no much pain and the dental nurse gave me a toothbrush, special tooth floss and some wax and showed me how to floss my braces properly she said it’ll take around 15 minutes my first time and then it’ll get better and I’ll be able to do it within 5 minutes… it was nearly lunch time and she said I think it’s probably a good idea for you to go and grab something to eat now before it starts to get really painful. I was surprised I wasn’t prescribed any panadine forte but was told Panadol would be my best friend for the next couple of weeks.

So I’m so glad I went to lunch with mummy cos straight after lunch I started to feel pain around my teeth, it’s a throbbing sensation…and it started getting worse and worse so I had to take some panadol. From Wednesday till Friday I was in great pain, the pain seemed to get worse towards night time. I managed to distract myself during day time. I was told to have soft food but I wanted to train myself to eat semi-solid food as I have a Greek buffet to go to on a saturday night (yeah I’m crazy!!)

Last night, I started getting little sores around my mouth – the friction of the metal braces rubbing against my gum is making my mouth very tender so I’ve been feeling quite cranky with the soreness in my mouth. I’m hoping that it’ll take around 2 weeks for me to NOT feel the pain with braces well, I’m quite self-conscious – every time I talk to people I feel as though they are staring at me..look wise I was told by my work colleagues I look great with braces they couldn’t even tell if I didn’t tell them….here’s a picture of my braces.

even animals at the clinic had braces…they are so cute…


I think I’ll start my count down of 18 months with my braces plus one year of wearing a retainer…hooray!



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