Braces-xrays, photos,moulds and separators in…

Published May 15, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys,

Here’s the start of Braces journey. So a visit to my dentist confirmed that I definitely need braces for my overcrowded teeth which is causing my teeth enamel to be eroded quite quickly hence in the long run I will have problems with my teeth. So it was time to visit the orthodontist.

My first visit with the Orthodontist was not too bad, Dr K simply look through my mouth and started calling out ‘technical teeth terms’ to his Assistant dentist and it only took around 15 minutes. He then took some x-rays of my teeth and asked for me to come back another time for the photos and moulds.

So the next appointment, I arrived happily seated on a comfy chair where a lovely assistant dentist took lots of my photographs of my upper/lower teeth and jaws and then they stuffed a soft mould gum into my upper teeth (it tasted like minty crap) and she asked me kindly to hold it for 5 seconds, she then peeled these plasticky moulds off and repeated for the lower teeth. So it took around 30 minutes – harmless. I was asked to return another time to speak to Dr K about the treatment.

So the following treatment was to discuss the treating plan. Dr K said well – initially I said we’re going to have to take a few teeth out (I was shocked at that time) he then said there’s some good news for you, we don’t need to take these teeth out anymore – we will manage it 🙂 Phew…that’s great news. Now you’ll have to wear your braces for a period of 15 months and then wear the retainer for 1 year just to keep my teeth in the same position (as often they try to revert back to their old state – especially for adult teeth). So he asked me whether I have any questions – I said what’s the damage to my pocket he referred me to the reception who will outline the cost.

So I have decided to go ahead with it and it was going to cost me around $6000 to have the braces in and along with other treatments. I made another appointment to come back to have some separators put in. Now what are separators, I was told that it was going to be those plasticky thing that they put into your teeth to create some space and expand your teeth abit. I wasn’t sure what to expect. So I got there and the lovely dental assistant said they’ll do up more moulds for me again (I wonder why? Cos I had it last time) but anyways did it for upper/lower teeth. Then they said they’re going to put these blue plastic rings on my upper/lower teeth. It’s going to be a bit uncomfortable as I’m going to feel like there’s a piece of chicken stuck in my teeth and I’ve got to have it for a week.

So she started using pliers to put these tiny rings into my teeth and it was quite difficult cos I have overcrowded teeth, she kept breaking those plastic rings so she said she’ll try putting them in with a floss and that was a little uncomfortable, but eventually she got two of them into my upper teeth. Then it was bottom teeth time, she struggled with my bottom teeth and had to get her supervisor to come and try it as she kept on breaking the tooth floss. So after some struggle and me bleeding away she managed to put them on then decided to take them off as she thinks my teeth is quite rotated so probably wont’ be needing any separator for the bottom teeth. My goodness after all that effort for nothing.When I got home it was a little sore for me for the next few days but thankfully with the help of panadol I managed…

So tomorrow, I go back to have my braces in…I’m quite nervous and not sure what to expect but I’ve taken 3 days off to recover from having braces so I’ll update you on how I go….till then, take care.


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