My orange cake for mother’s day :-)

Published May 14, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hello guys, hope you all had a great mother’s day on sunday. I decided to bake an orange cake for my mummy. Well initially it was going to be a strawberry cake but since strawberries are not in season. I decided to make a orange with mandarin topped cake…

Here’s the pics on how the cake was made…

I made the orange cake with thermie so everything was pretty simple – chucking all the ingredients together…

The hardest step was trying to slice the cake into 3 sections as it wasn’t very tall I had some difficulties there as you can breaking one layer of it…

And next bit is to whip up some cream and layer it on the bottom of the cake..I noticed that it was quite thick so it was kinda hard to spread them..


Layer some cut oranges on top of the cake..


Cover it with more whipped cream…

The cake is now looking a lot taller than before..

next is to put all the layers of icing or whip cream goodness around the whole cake. I ran out of the icing so as you can see there’s lots of patches…not quite smooth..

Final touch piping the remainder whipped cream on top and put some pieces of mandarin with clear jam to give that a gloss….

Here’s cutting it into the cross section of the cake, and everybody really loved it…for the rest of the left overs I packaged them into a takeaway container….




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