Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Baker

Published May 11, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hello Guys, hope this post finds you all well…As promised I’m going to show you my latest Belgian waffle baker bought by Pandabear. It’s a robust looking machine with easy setting of 1-5 (1 being lighter colour and 5 being browner colour – for your waffle setting). I tried 3 and it gave a rather nice colour then I decided to make one with 4 and it was way too brown. So 3-3.5 is the best setting. I started whipping up the batter from the recipe book which meant to make 16 waffles (that’s heaps!!!) and I couldn’t be bothered dividing the ingredients amount.

So it’s pretty simple, I mix my batter with thermie and then pour 2 cups worth to the centre of waffle baker and use my spatula to spread them evenly, and voila – my fresh waffles ready to be eaten. The waffle baker makes a ‘ding’ tone and you know it’s ready to be scooped out. It looked fantastic..but taste wise – it’s a little on the dense side and the taste well, nothing like the gelare waffles. I knew I should have googled my own waffle recipe online instead of trusting those recipes in the instruction manual book….so my next try out will be to use an online recipe and try to make it as close to the gelare waffle machine. My colleagues told me that you can buy the frozen waffle mix from the supermarket – Sara Lee brand…but I think I’ll try my own recipe I’m not really a frozen batter girl..

So here’s my creation photos of waffles..


Ta da…’s my final product 🙂


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