Birthday gathering

Published May 9, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, hope you guys are all doing really well. Anyways, whats been happening around my world. I had my flu jab yesterday and it was so painful but at least I received two free lollipop and I recently had some separators in my teeth to expand them alittle so next week I get my braces!! Yikes…well, I’ve recently attended one of mate’s birthday dinner at her place and here are some food photos…

I was amazed how she has small round pizza making gadget which basically bakes and steams your pizza. How cool is that and I found out you can use the lebanese bread for the pizza base and all you need to do is put the toppings on top and heat it up in that little gadget and voila you have a fancy gourmet thin crust pizza…

Oh, btw -I recently purchased a belgian waffle machine from Amazon and when it finally arrived I was ecstatic but then realised it’s the wrong voltage and I’ll need a transformer to make it work 😦 so I’m going to give it away maybe to my cousin who can use the machine in Taiwan. Pandabear saw how upset I was so he went and hunt for one in Cuisineart store and now I have a fancy large square belgian waffle machine…I shall update you guys with the gadget review…

till then take care everyone it’s getting a little cold these days.. 🙂


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