What seemed like a terrible start to 2012…

Published February 27, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, Hope this post finds you all well. Sorry I haven’t been writing lately been super busy with things. What’s happening in my world..well, unfortunately Pandabear’s mum passed away on 16th March – it was indeed a very sad day for all of us having seen my mother in law deteriorating in hospital was one of the most difficult thing to go through. I’m thankful to God for allowing me to go through this experience again as it made me realised that I was able to cope better with losing a loved one again. I was also thankful that Pandabear’s mum was surrounded by her husband, inlaws, children and grandchildren what a blessing it is…

After the funeral, Pandabear’s relatives came and stayed with us for just over a week. I have never had so many people living in our house – There’s like 8 people in our house (including Pandabear and myself) and nearly every night we had Pandabear’s siblings coming over for a meal…really thank God for giving me the strength to cook,clean and prepare all sorts of things – without God we indeed can do nothing… 🙂 The relatives left on Saturday and can I say how I really appreciate my ‘alone time’!! Some peace and quiet in our house and some personal space things that I have taken for granted and made me realised that this is indeed what’s going to be when we have kids….chaos and noise!!

Though it seemed like a terrible start to the year 2012, I am ever thankful to our Lord for giving me the strength to carry on with my long 4.5 hours weekly saturdays Japanese class. I have also purchased a digital piano – yay 🙂 and I have found a nice male piano teacher – his name is called Eugene…I’ll be having my first piano lesson when I come back from my overseas trip…how exciting I’ve always wanted to learn how to play piano…

Baking and cooking wise, I have been experimenting quite a few recipes – successful ones includes lemonade scones, orange cake, chiffon cake and my hokkaido milk loaf…sorry one of these days I shall post some photos…I have been actively using my thermie as well which is great there are still so many recipes to go through but so little time…I hope I can resume back to more cooking when I get back…

Till then take care…


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