Mid Life Crisis??

Published February 22, 2012 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy readers…most of you would have noticed by now I have been very slack in uploading any photos. Sorry 😦 I guess the novelty of blogging has worn out on me. But I’ll still try my best to update from time to time. Okies why this post’s subject is mid life crisis?? Well, I’m finding myself wanting to join up things and do things that I absolutely have no time for. For instance, I joined myself up for Japanese course that runs every Saturday for 4.5hours – which basically takes up most of my Saturdays and now I’m looking into investing myself into a digital piano so that I can learn piano. I’m in the hunt for piano teacher…I think I’m going through a phase of mid life crisis…

I know I really shouldn’t overload myself with all these random commitments but it’s something that I really want to pick up and I guess now is the right time…I’m still enjoying gardening (growing fresh fruits, vegies and herbs) but there’s just something missing – musical 🙂 I’ve always admire people who can just read musical notes and play the piano. It’s just so graceful and so um…cool to be able to play the piano…I guess it’s never too late to learn things it’ll probably help me with choir as well 🙂 Since I have friday off, I’m planning to check out the keyboard. I found a nice piano teacher on gum tree and he has given me some tips on what to buy. I shall let you know how I go 🙂

take care bloggy readers…


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