Weight loss journey

Published November 8, 2011 by Mary Jane

Well, as you guys know I’ve stopped my JC when I left Melbourne. Since then my weight has remained pretty much the same. Pandabear and I have decided to purchase a road bike together so we can go cycling together. I usually go after work on days which I finish work early and it’s a great feeling when you hop on the bike and start to cycle around the foreshore area (fresh air, sunshine and heaps of cyclist zooming past you!!). I love my bike and I’m determined to stick to at least 3 times of week cycling either by myself or with Pandabear 🙂

I’ve also started this once a week walk with my mate Audrey. Even though we have only done it once due to the crazy unpredictable weather we been getting in Perth. It was great to catch up and have a walk buddy…we usually meet up on Fridays as she only works 1/2 day and I finish at 4pm on Fridays so yeah hopefully we’ll keep this up. I’m hoping with cycling and walks I’ll be fit and healthy!! Well, that’s the plan anyways…I will upload a picture of my flashy bike when I remember next time!


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