Baking Disaster – Eggless Cupcakes

Published April 27, 2011 by Mary Jane

Hello bloggy friends,

Hope this post finds you all well. Anyways, when my brother in law’s family was over in Perth not too long ago this year. We celebrated my sister in law’s birthday, and one of her son is allergic to eggs so I have volunteered myself to bake some eggless cupcakes. I have never done it before, after researching a few recipes online I’ve nailed down to one simple eggless cupcakes that’s vanilla flavoured. I’m quite concerned as to whether the cupcakes would be edible or not cos I can’t imagine any cakes not containing the important ingredient ‘eggs’. So I bought the necessary ingredient, and knowing that I would be quite busy I decided to play it safe and purchase a chocolate frosting can which even comes with different types of nozzles for frostings (what a great idea)



I bought some silicon muffin cups from London and they are so colourful and cute – it’s time to put them into a good use..

It was indeed a simple recipe you basically whip everything together in my Breville kitchen mix. The only concern I had was one of the ingredients was vinegar. How bizzare, I’ve never baked a cup cake using the ingredient of vinegar. I really hope it tasted ok. So I decided to bake the night before hand, just incase it’s not edible I could still go to the cake shop and buy Eggless cupcakes..

When I peeked through the oven I could see the eggless cupcakes raising up. That’s a good sign, except even though I have baked for at least half n hour, it still look rather pale looking as if it’s not baked or cooked properly. So I poked the cupcakes and the skewers came out clean. It was time to take them out and let them cool down. So I had a test bite, it tasted ok – it was edible except it was rather doughy. You know the kind of feeling you get when you bake some cake and it’s not exactly cooked – it tasted exactly like that. So I waited till next day to put on my chocolate frosting and I break one bit to feed it to Pandabear and asked “is this edible?” he tilt his head “yeah, it’s edible obviously not as fluffy as the usual eggs cupcakes” feeling rather concerned I proceed to pipe some frosting on – they are starting to look like nice chocolate frosted eggless cupcakes (sorry no photos, I ran out of time to take them).

So when we went and picked up my sister in law’s birthday cake, incase my nephew didn’t eat those eggless cupcakes, we decided to purchase a large chocolate eggless cupcakes on the safe side. Lo and behold he went straight for the large chocolate eggless cupcakes and to my comfort he did attempt to lick the frostings off my eggless cupcakes and had a bite 🙂 that was good enough for me. I had to take the rest home and in the end they went into the bin, cos none of us ate eggless cupcakes….so yeah, I guess I haven’t mastered an eggless cupcakes yet. I wonder how the cake shop managed to make their eggless cupcakes fluffy and tasty??? That’s a mystery to me…


3 comments on “Baking Disaster – Eggless Cupcakes

  • The shape looks good except for the color.But the thought that you made egg-less cupcakes for your nephew ’cause you were concerned about his allergy was really a big thing already.

  • Wow! I never tried making this. I have a friend who loves making pastries to, and she is working in one of the leading hotels in the world, and I could suggest this to her, and maybe she can make her in version of Egg less cupcakes.

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