Happy Easter :-)

Published April 26, 2011 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, long time no post…sorry I’ve kinda neglected my blog lately. I’m so glad we get to have 5 days Easter break to catch up with my various chores. I managed to clean and declutter my store room and did an ‘autumn’ clean of my house. I went to Bunnings to purchase one of these insect bombs, I was kinda scared and didn’t know what to expect but once I set it going I quickly shut my outdoor store room and ran…2 hours later, I opened the door and wow…it’s rather toxic inside the store room so I decided to leave the door open and ventilate. Had my mate Ezza over for lunch who kindly helped me cut up boxes so now I have 2 very full bins awaiting for the garbage truck to come over and empty them out.

Apart from ‘autumn cleaning’ we had our 25th Anniversary dinner at our church and there were quite a few activities happening which included Good friday service and some outings which I wasn’t able to make it. I’m so glad my mummy is coming back this Wednesday – hooray, that will relief me abit from cooking for my younger sister.

So how was everyone else’s Easter break? Oh, I also received quite a few Easter eggs and random soft toys from one of those skill testers machines. I never believed you could ever catch any of the soft toys but my colleague proved me wrong, he managed to catch 2 of the soft toys and now I’ve inherited them and they are sitting my desk. I was so happy that day, yes – I’m easily amused…so there’s lots to catch up with my posts so stay tuned…

Skills tester shop

Skills tester shop

My new soft toys

My new soft toys

chocolate collection from work

chocolate collection from work

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