Australian Open

Published April 26, 2011 by Mary Jane

Well, it’s back to Melbourne again – I’m still trying to finish off all my blog post in Melbourne (6 months worth of blog posts!!! Argh!!) I’ll get there eventually. Anyways, back in January this year we decided before we leave Melbourne, we are to check out Melbourne’s Australian Open. I used to be a tennis fan when I was young but as I grew older I kinda no longer interested in any sports. I went through this phase of becoming a tennis fan, a basketball fan and then it got too hard – I became a No sports fan. I still liked to watch a nice tennis game when ever I see a renowned tennis player like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal etc so this time Pandabear and I decided it was time to book a ticket to watch a tennis game at the Melbourne Park. We opt for the Hisense Area which is the slightly cheaper version yet you get to sit in a decent spot and if you’re lucky you might come across decent players. When we arrived at night it was packed with people!!!

Got my ticket, so excited – waiting patiently at the queue. Fortunately it didn’t take that long for the queue to move. I’m glad we were at the Hisense arena cos the other one was packed to the max!!

So our players were F Vadasco versus this Japanese dude K Nishikori. F Vadasco was ranked amongst top 10 and K Nishikori was ranked some where along the lines of 120 so you knew it was going to be a short game and chanced are K Nishikori would be slaughtered…but I decided to support K Nishikori, cos I didn’t really know F Vadasco and I think it’s an Asian thing, I felt sorry for K Nishikori there were lots of cheers for F Vadasco and not so much for the K Nishikori dude. So in the midst of the game I screamed with my limited Japanese “Gambate Nishikori!!” the girls next to me surprisingly said ‘well done, nice…’ hehehe there were obviously some Japanese fans out there but strongly the odds were against Nishikori.

F Vadasco

F Vadasco

K Nishikori

K Nishikori

Wow, I must admit the whole atmosphere of the arena is so much different than when you’re sitting at home infront of the TV. I was so excited, we bought some Cornetto and some gatorade drink – everything at the arena was expensive as expected…

Sadly the game did not last till 3 sets. Both sets were something like 6-3 and 6-4. I was hoping that the second set K Nishikori will pick up his game and that it will go into third set but unfortunately it didn’t happen. After this game you could also stay for doubles game. I’ve never liked doubles, so I was hoping we could make a move. But Pandabear wanted to stay and watch so we compromised and stayed for one game before we left for home..

On our way home, there was a huge TV broadcasting the tennis game in the Rod Laver Arena (the more expensive Arena) and it was playing Venus Williams versus Andrea Petkovic. It would have been an exciting game but for some strange reason I prefer men’s tennis games than women’s tennis games. Anyways, I took some photos of the players before heading home 🙂

Overall, we have enjoyed our experience at the Australian Open and if you ask me whether it was worth going? Yes, absolutely…especially for tennis fans out there…it’s not the same as sitting infront of TV and cheering on for the tennis players. The whole atmosphere of the game was amazing 🙂 You feel like you’re up close to the tennis players….

Till next time…


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